Friday, July 31, 2009

We love Misha!!

So many thanks to our friend Misha (who shall now be known as 'The Mighty Misha') for designing our logo and blog! We're both very excited to have more than 140 characters to mew!

A note from Rumblepurr:

Today was such a long day, I don't understand why mummy goes to this thing called work... but she's HOME now, and it's weekend!!!

Another thing I don't get about humans... she had a HUNK of meat that she put into something called a marinate? MUM! Just put it into ME!! *RUMBLEpurrr*

A note from Flufflebum:

Ahhh the weekend. I get the heater all day since mum and dad are home. Life is so much better when there is a heater. And tuna fish. And cuddles.