Friday, October 30, 2009

Too much Facebook? - Rumbles

Sorry I've been away... I've been acting as DOCTOR Rumblepurr! Mummy has been very unwell with a sinus infection, and I've been watching over her every move in case she needs me.

As sick as she was, I still managed to make her laugh. The other night she was snuggled in bed, I went under the covers between her and daddy. Whenever daddy was disruptive (like when he moved or breathed) and there was a chance he might disturb mummy, I reached out my paw and POKED his face!!

Mummy laughed so much, so I kept doing it. Daddy was not so amused but as long as the mummy is happy...

Friday, October 23, 2009


OMC!! We cannot believe it, we're LOL-cats!!

Our friend Wendy has done a whole post filled with the BEST LOL-cat captions we've ever seen (and we read LOL-cats every day!!)

Thank you so much Wendy - here is the post:


We're also big fans of her majestic Maine Coon boy Dante - even if he is so handsome he makes some of our lady-cat friends heads turn... POLLY!!

To read about the adventures of Dante, his super cool brother Dylan and his BOOTIFUL sister Domino *Rumbles waving ear-tufts at Domino* you can visit their 3-D Cats blog.

Thank you again Wendy, we're going to be strutting around the house for the rest of the afternoon now that we're super cool cats!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cause it's no fun/being a little Flufflebum - Inigo

I thought I found the perfect hiding place from that darn flashy thing, but mummy found me and thought it was 'SO CUTE!!'

A boy just can't get no peace in this house... not even in his cat cave!!

Hmm, maybe I'll go sleep in the NIP scented laundry!!! tee hee!

For anyone that is wondering, these are some fantastic European sized pillows that mummy went a bit mad over - she bought a bunch and some of them ended up in 'The BOY Room' where daddy keeps his computer. I crawled under one and on top of the other to make a nice warm cat cave.

If it's in The BOY Room, it must be made into a cat cave. House rules.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Easy like Sunday - Inigo/Rumbles

Life is tough on a Sunday. We get the tuna, Mummy usually puts something nice in the oven... and today she accidentally washed our favorite nip toy!! So now the clean clothes all smell of NIP!!!

Daddy took some photos of us both - we're watching them watching DVD's.

Inigo on his perch

Rumbles and his Baby Duck

I am very clear in my devotion - Rumblepurr

Mummy has lots of little knickknacks - when I joined the family these were put on the VERY high shelves for some reason.

I've grown into a VERY mighty MANCAT and I can now reach the high shelves!

Mum thinks it's so funny that the only thing I choose to attack is a little metal statue of Anubis... the puppy!

There are several Bast statues that are in easier reach... but why would I harm BOOTIFUL Bast? Nah, I'd much rather knock poor Anubis off again and again... he's now missing an arm and both ears. It doesn't matter where mummy moves him I still knock him off.

Humans are easily amused.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Behold... the brother! - Rumblepurr

Well, as promised, here is Mister Inigo Xavier Flufflebum - MY BROTHER!

Mummy took these photos before I came to join the family. It was the very first Xmas that mummy and daddy shared with brother, and they took him out to our grandparents house. (please note: I am forbidden from the grandparents house for reasons not fully understood by me... something about small fragile ornaments and large clumsy Coonie boys? I don't get it.)

Anyway - at the grandparents, Inigo was allowed out on the deck to look at the birdies. He didn't really care for them - they kept chirping at him in a menacing way... but he still managed to look very cute for these photos.

(the last photo is one of mummy's all time favorites)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

By order of the daddy - Inigo

There have been a LOT of Rumbles photos these days. It SHOULD be MY turn... but daddy took these photos and he's been pestering us to put them up on the blog. I'll be the star next time.

(HINT TO DADDY: I photograph well too you know! *harumph*)

Look at all this excess floof!

Ok, he's a tiny bit cute. Just a tiny bit.

Silly Rumbles.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bears in New Zealand work very hard - Inigo

Regular readers of the blog will know about the Bee Bear.

Seeing such a clever bear made us wonder what other bears do with their day? We sent mummy out to investigate.

This is Martina Beara-tilova. She is queen of the tennis set, and hopes one day to travel to Wimbledon.

This is Scurvy Pete, he's a pirate bear. He frequently pillages lost honey ships. He's not really a bad sort, because if you look you can see Bonny Anne Beary in the background - he looks after her and makes sure that she has lovely frocks

And here we have some sporty bears - mummy wasn't really sure what sport they're playing. She was looking for the All Black Bears, but it's training season and they're all out on the field.

With so many hard working bears here in New Zealand, it makes me a bit concerned that people may expect the pussycats to start doing things.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Brrrrr.... Rumblepurr

It's far too cold here. We're feeling most unhappy because this is supposed to be SPRING and we need our sunpuddles!!

But the good news is that mummy got some nice photos of me.

Yeah I'm lookin at YOU mummy....

Hello. My name is Rumbles. Short for RumblePURRRRRRRRR....

Face of an angel. That's me.

Pose? Me? NAHhhhhhh.

Right - that's enough now mummy. I'm not Brittney.

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is why mummy doesn't try to photograph treats... Inigo

A lot of you were asking what was in the box yesterday. Mummy foolishly decided that she would attempt to take a photo of some of the loot for today.

She laid it out, and in milliseconds SOMEBODY had his nose (and bum!) in everything.

He moved away, but as soon as the camera was going to click, he was back in the shot

Mummy foolishly thought it would be cute to take a photo of the little white mousie with his new girlfriend - the little pink mousie. So she placed them down together away from the treats and.... THUD

You may wonder where the pink mousie is? Under some gigantic rumble-head, that's where!

Rumbles realized that there was a mousie under him, and that it needed some noming

Then he flung to paw-ing range - while poor little white mousie had to watch! The horror... the horror!!

*sigh* Now do you see what I have to put up with every day?

Mummy finally got the photo she wanted. This is only some of our loot - but the can on the left is SALMON!!  Thank you pretty Pollypuss!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I loves me some presents - Rumblepurr

My bootiful friend Pollypuss sent me some FINE gifts... there was a toy mousie, and a new bowl, and FOOD!!!

Mummy was specially tickled at the box. It says 'Mr d'Artangan Rumblepurr - The Rumblehouse'!! heehee!!

I knew it had to be something good...

Of course brother had to check things out (ok so he was there FIRST, whatever... my name on the box...)

And a picture to show that we totally get along. We refused to look at the camera (naturally) but mummy was pretty in awe of how cute we were right before and immediatly after this photo. You can see I even let brother sit on my mighty tail!