Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anything Ham can do...

I can do better! Behold, the RUMBLEROLL!

Rollin' and rumblin'

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Can I get mine with mustard?

Behold!  A Ham roll.


You can see that that Hammy loves the sunpuddles, and his nip pillow. He gets called 'Roll-y Joe' when he does this routine (which is often).

Towards the end he remembers that he left one of his other favorite toys underneath the red tent...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And now a public service announcement...

My friends, we recently found out something important that we want to share with you (and please share this with your friends who have kitties)

This is me with my bamboo. A sweet friend of the Rumbleparents brought it by as a housewarming gift. Rumblemum googled 'bamboo' and saw that bamboo was safe for kitties, and so the plant was welcomed into the home. I LOVED the bamboo! Every place it was moved to, I would follow!

HaHA! You cannot hide up here, little bamboo plant!

They call me Booboo, and I loves me bamboo!
Hangin' with mah 'Boo
I posted the last photo on Facebook and one of my friends (Miss Karen... and we are forever grateful to her) mentioned that this was a type of bamboo called Dracaena Sanderiana, or 'lucky bamboo' and it's poisonous to cats in the same way that lilies are.

Seriously, in about two seconds flat that bamboo was downstairs in the dumpster, and there is a 'no plants except cat-grass allowed' policy in our house now.

I'm posting this to make you guys aware if you're not already... Rumblemum isn't a plant person (seriously. She can't really even grow cat grass. Yes, you heard that right... my mummy can kill GRASS.) so she thought all she needed to look up was 'bamboo' and that would cover it.

Please be aware that Dracaena Sanderiana (or 'lucky bamboo') is poisonous to kitties, and should be kept out of reach or not at all. If you see it in the house of a cat loving friend, warn them too. I suspect this is an easy one to miss for people that aren't looking at the specific name of the bamboo.

I miss my bamboo... Rumblemum needs to get me that cat grass, STAT.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easy like Sunday Ham

Hello everyone! It's HAMMY! It ain't easy being Hammy. I make it work though!


Friday, April 19, 2013

MY new bed

One of the other new things that we got (without asking ME) is a new bed.

Shocking, I know. I should have been taken to sleep on every single bed in consideration of the final choice, but no. I was not at all consulted.

This is me testing the new bed on it's first day.

It's a bit SMALL, don't you think?
Where are you guys gonna sleep?

Yes yes, I suppose this will be acceptable. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We're BACK!

Hello my friends, it's been FAR too long!!!

We're all moved in, and the new place is pretty ok I guess (*whispers* it's AWESOME! Don't tell Rumblemum we said that, we like getting extra sympathy treats! heh heh heh)

Surprisingly, I was a VERY brave mancat right after we got here! Usually I'm a bit hesitant at new situations, but I was roaming around and claiming my spaces right away!

Hammy was really scared, he's only now just getting confident. He's usually the brave guy, but not in this case. I've been really good to him, I let him follow me around and when he's not so confident I mew mew mew to let him know things are ok.

Here we are investigating the new bathroom (Rumbledad says it's for guests. We say it's OURS)

"I wish Rumbles was up here with me..."

"Where could he be?"

"He's not behind the soap"

"There you are!!"

"Are you dancing?"

Faster than the speed of light!

Oooo who's that handsome fella?

"Oh Rumbles, you're so silly!"

This dude is REALLY good looking!

"Hmm, maybe this sink isn't big enough for the both of us..."

We're having many wonderful adventures and we'll post more this week... but here are some AWESOME photos of MY DUCKIES!!! *happy rumblepurring* The very, very sweet Miss Peggy sent us our very own duckies after we missed out on winning them in the auction for ML (due to Rumblemum's negligence)!

Thank you SO much, Miss Peggy. It was such a sweet thing for you to think of us. And many thanks to Miss Marg (who always runs the auctions so well!) Miss Paula and Miss Sharon (who won the duckies - well played, Miss Sharon! We just saw that she got her duckies today as well, it must be a ducky-day!)

Can I nom them?

Hey! No Ham head in my photos!

There might have been a fourth duckie that I already nomed...
heh heh heh

No duckies escaping!