Monday, February 28, 2011


This suitcase has wheels. I'll just hover here and make sure
nobody goes away...

Man, hovering is exhausting 
Charity update for 28 Feb at 5.15pm - $2,099.74 USD (which is) $2,724.66 NZD

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twitter charity drive - donations for the Christchurch SPCA

Hi all!

Just a few things - the #nipclubNZEQ will be starting in an hour (whatever time that is for you - right now for me it's 9AM on Sunday)

Please be aware - the Chip-in widget isn't displaying the correct totals. The donations are getting through, but unfortunately they're not showing up on the widget. I'm going to post progress on the donations here.

Charity update as of 8.55am (NZ time) $1,315.56 USD (which is) $1,707.09 NZD
Charity update as of 9.50am (NZ time) $1,315.56 USD (which is) $1,707.09 NZD
Charity update as of 10.29am (NZ time) $1,603.26 USD (which is) $2,080.42 NZD
Charity update as of 10.45am (NZ time) 1,680.25 USD (which is) $2,180.32 NZD
Charity update as of 11.04am (NZ time) $1,703.97 USD (which is) $2,211.10 NZD
Charity update as of 11.34am (NZ time) $1,703.97 USD (which is) $2,211.10 NZD
(Sorry for the long break - Rumblemum had to get to the gym before it closed...)
Charity update as of 12.54pm (NZ time) $1,990.16 USD (which is) $2,582.47 NZD
Charity update as of 1.15pm (NZ time) $1,999.47 USD (which is) $2,594.55 NZD
Charity update as of 1.30pm (NZ time) $2,015.86 USD (which is) $2,615.82 NZD
Final charity update as of 2.45pm (NZ time) $2,034.48 USD (which is) $2,639.98 NZD
The goal is to reach $2000 from the fundraising effort today!

Thanks to everyone that donates, and if you're on Twitter be sure to stop by my smoochin' booth!

You're POWERLESS to my seduction

Friday, February 25, 2011

A big thank you

Hey. Ground. I'm the ONLY one allowed to rumble, you
stop it NOW!

Thank you so much everyone that's donated and helped promote the fundraiser. I'm so happy, I got a tweet from the SPCA in Canterbury yesterday! They've been following what we're doing with the fundraiser!

We've got 12 blogs (UPDATE: 15 blogs!!) with the Chip-in widget now, and there's an event on Twitter to help raise more funds for the charity - for my friends on Twitter the tag is #nipclub. Many, many thanks to friends Whskr, Dashkitten, @TheNascarKitty and @DuchessCrabtree who've arranged the event!

I have to thank some of my twitter friends for coming up with the idea - the wonderful friends at 'The little dog speaks', Pepi from the Pepi Smartdog blog, Mario, and the bootiful Miss Bunny Jean

I could keep saying thank you to so many people (and I honestly hope I haven't missed anyone) I'm always blown away at the generosity and kindness of the blogosphere and Twitter.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you to everyone that's donating for the Christchurch earthquake animals

It's a very, very sad day here, horrible stories coming out of Christchurch - I'll leave it to you guys to decide how much you want to hear about the earthquake - here's a link to our main news site here. 75 confirmed dead, and so many more are missing.

I want to thank everyone that's contributed to the SPCA in Christchurch thru the Chip-in system. I've let the SPCA know that we're collecting donations for them, but I imagine they're so busy, and that's if they even still have a facility left after the quake.

I've set the widget to run till 4 March, thank you again for your generosity. I've heard so many people here wanting to help and not knowing how - I've seen poems and and talked to so many - we feel very powerless to know how to help.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just so everyone knows...

The Rumblefamily is ok, we felt a really small ripple of the earthquake, but we're all fine.

Thank you to everyone for thinking of us, and our thoughts are with our Christchurch friends.

Anyone that wants to donate to the Christchurch (Canterbury) SPCA, I've put up a 'Chip-in' widget - all proceeds will go to the SPCA.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

MORE kitten photos??

Rumblemum has gotten some new kitten photos, and she insisted on doing ANOTHER post with pictures of my newly selected brother (known as Lance Corporal Minimew for now)

Rollin' and patrollin'


That's right. I'm small.
We'll be getting the new little bundle in April, I sure hope he's RUMBLE prepared...

As long as he DOESN'T come near my tent, we'll be fine.

Any kitten in here is gonna go SQUISH.
Rumblemum says she's sorry she's been neglecting the blogs, she's got a big project on at the moment that's taking up her time.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rumblemum is not so bright...

Way to have a secret Rumblemum, post it on MY blog and think I won't find out...

Rumblemum and Rumbledad went to see the kittens today and DIDN'T take me *harumph*

They say I have to be happy with photos for now. They still haven't 100% agreed which little one will be my new baby bro...

It's either gonna be:

Capt. Tinycat


Lance Corporal Minimew

(It's worth noting here that these are names Rumblemum made up for them. It's also worth noting that Rumbledad was not pleased with having the kitties be assigned a rank. Little does he know Rumblemum has no idea what the ranks mean, she just thinks it sounds cute)

More gratuitous cuteness:

You can see in the last photo they're consulting each other about the bear.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shhhh...don't tell Rumbles...

We're off to look at a new little brother for him tomorrow!

We've got two little ones in mind, now it's going to be the hard decision. Of course I'm trying to convince Rumbledad that two tiny ones = one big Rumblepurr, but he's not buying it.

Here they are...

I'm sucha tiny boy... do you think Rumbles will like me?

Captain Tinycat on patrol!! Look out Rumbles!
They're still very small and we won't be able to bring him home for a while...

I know Inigo would approve of us getting Rumbles a brother. Rumbles is such a sweet boy, but he needs someone to play with and to keep him in line.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011


My SUPER wonderful friend Ginger Jasper and his lovely mummy have made my dearest wish come true... I got a new tent!!

It's strange though, I don't know why the other one broke so quickly? *innocent face*

Breaking in my new tent

What you mean 'that's not how you use a tent?'

New tent go SQUISH now!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Get your Rumbles to go!

Rumblemum says to tell you all that there will be no Rumble take-out.