Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Le Ham

Hello my friends! This is HAMMY!!

I wanted to let you know that we had a GOOD Xmas. I got... HAM!! Yes, I got lots of ham. I also discovered that I LOVE turkey almost as much (Rumbles says turkey is better than ham. I don't quite agree with him yet)

Today is New Years eve for us, and I'm hoping me and Rumbles get some champagne ham at midnight. I know where I'll be sitting - in my favorite chair!

See? It says 'Le Chat' - that's ME!
*whispers* Rumbles is a little cross with me. He says this chair is his chair... but look how cute I am!

2014 is the year of the Ham

Happy New Years to all my friends, I hope it's a wonderful year for you all and that the bridge stays CLOSED in 2014.

And now a note from Rumbles...

And ladies? I'll be here on MY chair, ready for the midnight smoochies!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Finally! I get to open the #oznzmas Secret Santa package!

Woo hoo!! I FINALLY got to open my #oznzmas Secret Santa gift! (Tho I MAY have already tried to open it when Rumblemum brought it in from the mail...*innocent eyes*)

But I didn't ACTUALLY open it, so Santa couldn't
be mad.

I went mental over the package - I wanted it open NOW NOW NOW! Inside the bag was another bag, a really pretty one! Of course as a refined mancat, I patiently waited for my gift.

If I had thumbs this would be unpacked by now.
Hurry it up.
And what was that Ham doing?

Wake me when it's time to carve the ham.
But back to ME and MY gift...

Oooooo... this looks GOOD!
It says 'Party Mix'... I need some BOOTIFUL
ladycats to come by and share!

I sure like the smell of these ones!
Gonna get this open...
HaHA! I showed this package who was boss.

You can see in the last photo that Rumblemum got something as well! A really pretty bracelet!

We all feel really lucky (even lazy Hammy) and we want to say a BIG thank you to our Secret Santa!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Outside in the Kritter Kondo!!

We sure love summer, and we were so excited to go out on our deck for the first time!!

 Rumblemum wanted to make sure we were safe, so she won't let us go out unless we're in our Kritter Kondo. We loved going out when we lived at our old apartment but it's even MORE fun to go out in this apartment! There are all sorts of birds flying by, and we can smell the trees and stuff!

ooooOoooO... I love the smell of outside!
Look how wide my eyes are! 
Hmmm, it feels like someone is watching me...
Oooo Rumbles! Look at the birdies!
Do you think if we worked together we
could catch them?
I'm gonna head inside and get some bird
Don't you go anywhere, Mister Bird!
We had so much fun outside, and we can't wait to go out again. We really want to thank our friends at Kritter Kommunity for inventing such a wonderful product, and an extra big thank-you for the amazing customer service recently. They really went above and beyond to make sure our order got to us.

Monday, December 16, 2013

In honor of Santa...

I am being a GOOD boy.

Usually when I get on to the 'forbidden shelf' I knock over as many of those little Buddha guys as I can. But I know that Santa only comes to good little man cats, so I have found an acceptable compromise.

Woo hoo! The 'forbidden shelf' is SO comfy

Why no, I did not knock over any Buddhas. Even tho they were
begging for it

I have NO idea where the other two (and a half) Buddah
guys are

Did I mention that I'm SUPER comfy up here?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Xmas is on it's way!

And I for one am looking forward to having the humans on holiday. They better be prepared to worship me for the whole holiday, cause I'm sure feeling neglected for this 'work' thing they go to EVERY day.


Note from Rumblemum: it is NOT every day. It just feels like every day *sigh* 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Ho ho ho! We've got your Xmas gift SORTED!

Hello my friends!  Apparently it's getting really close to Xmas... not that WE'D know, since we're not allowed to have a TREE. (something about a kitty with a first name starting with 'D' who would tip it over... *glaring at Hammy*)

BUT! I bet you're all looking for the perfect Xmas gifts. And I bet that at least one or two of you have a 'hard to shop for' person on that list. Well worry not! We have the most perfect and original gift ideas for you!

Miss Julia is holding an auction with proceeds to go to her BOOTIFUL kitty Annabelle's vet bills. There are lots of super cute things for very reasonable prices. Including one Kiwi soft toy who makes authentic Kiwi peeping noises!

Mister Kiwi would be great for kitties, puppies or humans (I bet the mini humans would adore this guy!)

We love these Kiwi guys, as you can see from us smooching on them...

I wub you, Mister Kiwi

Hmm.. do you smell me smelling you?

Peep! Peep! Peep!
There are heaps of really cool stuff up for auction, including AWESOME toy packages, and some cool books.

Check out the auction and poof! You might just finish off your Xmas shopping! What could be better than that?

Note from Rumblemum: The 'No tree' rule came into place before Diego was born... so you be the judge about who the tree-tipper might be...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Secret hidden cat

Sometimes I like to do surveillance over Rumblemum and that Ham.

It's times like these I'm glad I have my mouse-house. I've strategically placed it behind the other cat tent, so you'll never know I'm there. If you look you can see the tail of my mouse-house, but you'll NEVER see ME!

Secret Agent Cat!

And then just like that, I appear! From out of nowhere!

I'm like Batman. Except I'm a cat. I'm CATMAN.

Friday, November 15, 2013

I draw the line...

I don't mind being called Hammy. To be honest, even the mention of Ham is a wonderful thing. But lately Rumblemum has been coming up with new nicknames, and some of them are catching on.

My name is not 'Dewberry'. I don't care how cute you think it is.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hammy doesn't really like loud noises. He freaks out a bit when there are storms and stuff.

Every year there is an event in New Zealand called 'Guy Fawkes Day'. It's a bit like Halloween, but with fireworks. This year Guy Fawkes fell on a weekday, so that meant that they did the fireworks not only on the day, but also on the weekend.

This is how Hammy usually is when there are fireworks:

This year, Rumblemum decided to be prepared. She's been getting this 'Happy' supplement from Epic Health to try and help Hammy feel better about things that usually freak him out. All week she dosed our food with the 'Happy' in preparation of the noise.

So this is how Hammy was this year for the fireworks:


... Ok, so not quite. But what did happen this year is that Rumbledad, me and Hammy ALL sat at the window together watching the fireworks! Hammy and I were both unfazed by the noise, even though it was much louder here than in our previous apartment. We used to hide under the bed, and we wouldn't come out for ages after, but not this year!

We're big fans of Epic Health- and in the interest of full disclosure we want to say that while we got a bottle of Happy to try, we've since bought a bottle and will buy more - it works wonderfully. In fact a lady that Rumblemum works with bought a bottle for her kitty because he was over-grooming himself, and within two days of using it he'd stopped over-grooming and was being super smooch-y again!

And speaking of super smooch-y...
I'm cool as a cucumber! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ham Hawk gets an arch-nemesis

They say every hero has an arch nemesis. Now 'Ham Hawk' thinks that HE is the hero, but I gotta say I think SUPER RUMBLE has a better ring to it. Ham Hawk totally sounds like a villain name to me.

And so, SUPER RUMBLE lays a crafty trap to catch that Ham Hawk...

All through the night he'll prance and mew

Looking for ham that he can chew

He thinks that he's a hero fair
He won't even notice that I'm there!

If I hide he'll never know

Until I POUNCE then away we go!!

Note from Rumblemum: This is an actual trap that worked out pretty well for Rumbles. What you don't see is Hammy walking by and Rumbles giving him a gentle thwock...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My sister!!

So you all know I have a stinky little brother named Hammy.

What you might not know is I also have a BOOTIFUL sister named Cleo!! She lives in the USA, and has some pretty excellent adventures.

This is my lovely sister. Can't you see how much we look alike?

You can see the resemblance around the eyes!

Ok, so Miss Cleo is a woofie... but she's still my sister at heart. She's also trying to raise awareness about how important it is to adopt senior woofies as well as puppies.

Older woofies have even MORE love to give, because they've been practicing things like cuddles and kisses longer than puppies have.

Please can you stop by and wish Miss Cleo a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to celebrate her special day, and if you're on Facebook join the PARTY! There will be prizes and lots of photos of cute anipals!

I've turned off comments for today - if you wouldn't mind stopping by Miss Cleo's blog and wish her a big happy birthday instead please :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I do not like storms

Hello everyone, this is HAMMY!

I don't like storms. We've been getting quite a few of them lately, and all the wind noises and rain noises make me a little afraid. I'm glad I have Rumbles to keep me feeling safe (even if I do feel the need to pounce on him from time to time)

I have even learned a few things from Rumbles about how to pose for the camera:

I'll call this portrait  'Handsome Hamming'

I sure hope my sunpuddles come back soon. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the nip

Rumblemum is in my very good books. She brought home two of my most favorite things - nip and cat grass!!
Ooooo for ME!
Om nom nom
These little end bits are the best
Actually the roots are pretty good too
Nip? Why I don't mind if I do!
Come a little bit closer, my dear! All the better
to NOM you!

All for me.  None for Ham.
I'd better read the watering instructions.
Heaven knows Rumblemum won't...