Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh woe is me!

My friends, I am being horribly neglected lately. Rumblemum has been busy with work and she's taking some classes... including DRIVING class. She better not be thinking of driving me to the VET.

It's so hard being abandoned.

I don't know quite what to do with myself

NO Hammy. I don't know when she'll be home.

It better be SOON tho.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Layers of cute

I've finally taught that Ham his place.

As the older brother, I should have first pick of where I want to sit (which is usually on MY chair) and that Ham should adapt and find a place of his own.

Good boy Hammy

Monday, March 3, 2014

Training is hard work

I've decided it's time to train the Rumblemum. She's pretty smart (for a human) and I think she has lots of potential. She's picked up my first lesson very well!

When she gets home from work every night I've got her trained to say 'Smoochies... SMOOCHIES...' and lean in towards me. As a reward I give her a smoochie.

My next lesson will have something to do with tunas. Lots of tunas.

A bit of good news about that poor freezing kitty from the other day - the wonderful people at The Southern Cat Connection have rescued and named her Sunrise! Here's hoping that she finds a wonderful forever home soon. You can find out more about this kitty on :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things are out of balance here....

I have always been the one to cuddle Rumblemum at night, I have a special place up by her head.

Lately that HAM has been stealing my cuddles *pout* He goes and snuggles up to Rumblemum and I don't wanna have to be near him... so no cuddles for me :(

Rumblemum has a bit of a dilemma (or so she SAYS!) because she loves us both equally, she doesn't want to push Hammy away when he comes for cuddles... but she sure misses my cuddles.

Who WOULDN'T wanna cuddle ME?

In a turn of good luck I found a way I might be able to turn this around and show her who the most deserving kitty is... recently I won THIS!!

Ooo shiny!! 
It's the Mark Poulin ring from Glogirly's contest a while back!! Rumblemum LOVES it and I was super thrilled to have won it. Maybe this will show her who should be getting ALL her cuddles... *pointed look at Rumblemum*

A big thank you to Mark Poulin and Glogirly, and an EXTRA special thank you to Miss Katie from Glogirly  (and some SMOOCHIES to her as well!)