Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The power of the Rumble

I know for a lot of you January means freezing cold, snow and sniffles. For me, it means SUMMER! Sun and lazing around in sunpuddles and hoping that the Rumbleparents remember to turn the fan on so it wuffles my floofs...

On this lazy summer day, all a mancat really wants is his nip cigar.

I reallllllly want some nip, but it is soooooo far away
Maybe if I lean in a little bit...
If you look, you can see the tip of Hammy's tail.
And he is NOT HELPING me
C'mon Ham. Just give it a nudge my way!!
Darn. It's still sooooo far. Why can't it be close. I WISH YOU WERE CLOSE!
OMC!! The sheer power of my MIND moved this nip near!

I will now attempt to get some tunas, and some turkeys using the power of my mind. If it worked once, I know I can do it again! Ommmmmmm...

(Our friends at Furry Bottoms wanted to see the R2D2 that Rumbledad built - we'll post that in our next post!)