Friday, September 28, 2012

Bye bye Kiwi sweetie pie - Rumblepurr

And so I bid farewell to Mister Kiwi. He's a VERY lucky fella, going to live with the BOOTIFUL Miss Fiona and her devoted Staffperson.

Please give this smoochie to Miss Fiona from me!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hats ON for my pal Pip! - Rumbles

Birthday hats that is!!!

It's a very special day today, the blogosphere is having a surprise party for my very sweet pal Pip!

Pip had a really sad start to life, and we're so very grateful that such wonderful humans were able to turn that around.

If you don't know Pip (or if you do!) please stop by and say some kind words on this special PIPTASTIC day!!

Hey. Hey you. Give Pip some steak. Wrapped in bacon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I work hard to make this place a home! - Rumbles

I am a VERY hardworking mancat. I make sure that things around here are just so.

I even do the menus!

There are some excellent tuna recipes in here!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our new buddy... and maybe yours??

Check out this super handsome fella!!

Front view

WOAH! What a beak!

Have you ever seen anything like him? Probably not because he is SO rare!

This little guy is a rare white coloured 'North Island Brown Kiwi' bird (ok, so he's a STUFFED version, but he's still COOL) They say this kiwi is regarded as a 'special gift' and a 'sign of new beginnings'.

We LOVE him to bits (I may have even nomed his beak a little. But just a little)

Om nom nom

This little guy even TALKED to me!! Of course I had to talk back...

Why yes, I do think you're quite fetching in white!
That Hammy OF COURSE had to nose his way in as well.

Hey, he's MY Kiwi buddy!
What you lookin' at, Mister Kiwi?

Hey, we almost match!
As much as we love our little Kiwi pal, he is not going to be a permanent member of the Rumblefamily. He could be a permanent member of YOUR family though!

Our sweet pal Miss Mini from 'George the Duck' blog has had some serious medical problems of late, and the wonderful Cat Blogosphere has put together an auction to help with the costs of her medical bills. Mister Kiwi is the item we've donated, and that you can bid on to own!

He makes genuine Kiwi 'peeping' noises, in addition to being soft and fluffy (and having a nom-able nose).

We bought him from the Department of Conservation, and part of the proceeds go towards supporting the 'Native Bird Programme'... so if you buy him you're also helping his real-life counterparts!

We will be paying the shipping, including international shipping.

There are heaps of other items on auction - so if you're not into Mister Kiwi, take a look at some of the fantastic things that people have donated!

Please stop by and make a bid on this very special fella, to support a very special lady-cat.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sorry we've been a bit quiet - Rumbles

Rumblemummy has been a bit tied up of late. She thinks this handsome photo of me being a gentle man-cat will make up for it.

I am an angel. Gimme tuna.