Saturday, July 28, 2012

No it's NOT your blankie - Diego

Rumbles SAID this is HIS blankie, but it's on the bed!! It's fair game!

Plus it matches MY eyes.

Am I melting your heart with my innocent face?

Rumblemummy has been watching the 'My Cat from Hell' show that's just released here. I'm SO happy because now she plays with us even more! That guy really understands that we NEED playtime. Since she's increased our play time we've stopped the little scraps that we occasionally had.

Now she just needs to get us a new Da Bird! Rumbles keeps noming on the string till it gets all ratty!

Friday, July 27, 2012

It's a sweet treat on FOXY Friday!!

This week we have two of the SWEETEST lady-cats in the blogosphere! Miss Truffle and Miss Brulee from Sweet Purrfections blog!

I've been a fan of these ladies since they were tiny kittens, they're just little nibblets of purrfection! Hammy is sweet on Miss Brulee, but I think they're both too young for smoochies.

We are even more sweet than this giant cake!

(Note from Hammy: I am NOT too young for smoochies!! And Miss Brulee has a birthday coming up!) 

We've been really lucky to get some glamour shots of these two...

 You can tell she's thinking of ME!

Don't tell Hammy, but Brulee is also thinking of ME! 

I welcome any of my blogging pals out there to have their own FOXY Friday posts! Friday should always be about BOOTIFUL ladycats!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MY new blankie - Rumblepurr

Knowing how warm it is for most of you, I suspect this wouldn't be something you'd love as much as I do...

MY blankie. I'll share with Rumblemum, otherwise MY blankie!
It's a new fuzzy microfiber blankie - it's almost as soft as I am!!


Monday, July 23, 2012

An award for US! - Rumbles and Diego

We got a most wonderful award from two of our pals!  The majestic Dante was very generous in giving us this award, as were our wonderful NEW friends from 'Need I Say Meow' blog!

So, we have to tell you SEVEN things about us! Rumblemum is making us share, so one will have to be about both of us...

  1. Rumblemum says if Hammy was a dinosaur he'd be a 'Cuddleosaurus Rex' cause he LOVES to cuddle 
  2. Rumbles really DOES have a rumblepurr - and he uses it very well! 
  3. Hammy has a sensitive tum, so he doesn't often get his beloved ham. When he does he goes VERY wild eyed and insists on more! 
  4. When Rumbles drinks water from the tap, he ALWAYS dips his head under the tap before he drinks! 
  5. After Rumbles drinks from the sink, Hammy HAS to try to get a drink right after (but he's not very good at it) 
  6. Rumbles goes mental for his YEOWWW nip toy from Baby Patches! 
  7. We like to work together to break into the treat drawer and the toy cupboard! 
We're not sure who's gotten this award already, so we send it out to all our pals!

My tummy isn't THAT sensitive... you could give me some ham to test it!

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's been a long while, but I'm bringing it back... FOXY Friday - Rumblepurr

I can't even recall the last time I did one of these, but I decided that in honor of all the NEW bootiful ladycats out there it was my duty... nay, my PLEASURE to bring back that wondrous thing called Foxy Friday!

This week I feature a Fox that most of you know - the elegant Miss Katie from Glogirly blog. Katie's human (Glogirly) had a birthday yesterday, so in honor of that I bring you my dream Katie:

"I'll rescue you, Rumbles!!"
This is Katie's alter-ego, Stealth Kitty. Who could resist a lady in uniform that can FLY and possibly use her powers to bring me TUNAS??

I picture her now, swooping in with a big tuna clamped in her mighty jaw... she whisks me away to Pussycat Island where we can lie in a sunpuddle till we miss our humans... ahhhh bliss!

Note: I noticed from my post yesterday that a few of you didn't know what Greenies were. I think you should go now and give your human a THWOCK, then steal their credit card to order some! Greenies are the bestest treat around, and they're good for your teeth (I keep telling Rumblemum how good they are for my teeth - they're not good for Hammy teeth tho. Heh heh heh)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Life, the universe and everything - Diego Moonfur

Sometimes I like to sit on my tower and contemplate:

What is Rumbles doing?

How much tuna is TOO much tuna?

If I count Greenies to fall asleep, will I wake up with a
bunch of Greenies in front of me?

If I give Rumblemum a THWOCK, will she stop bugging me?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wiffin' - Rumblepurr

Or more accurately, NOT wiffin'!  This photo is of me, yesterday, as I get ready to go out in my Kritter Kondo.

I LOVE being on the deck. There are birdies that come by and peep at me and so many excellent smells!

mmmm... bird smells!

Today I was NOT allowed outside, something about rain. I object! As a Maine Coon, my coat is supposed to be waterproof, so who cares if it rains? *pout*

Friday, July 13, 2012

And you thought we couldn't get any better lookin'! - Rumbles & Diego

Welcome to our new look!!

Our wonderful pal Zoolatry is responsible for our transformation. It's a big change in one special way - after a year of nagging from Hammy he's now added to our header.

I am not a nag! 
We will never, ever forget our beloved Inigo. He was such a dear and special boy, but it felt like it was time to let Hammy shine a bit more.

Yeah! Let me shine more! Bring that camera over here...
This is not to say he gets to take over the blog *looking pointedly at Hammy* I'm still the alpha cat here! And if Hammy wants more time on the blog he better be ready to fork over his treats!

I'm gonna be nomin' your Greenies later, Ham!
In honor of our makeover, we're going to be running an excellent comment-a-thon in a week, with all proceeds to go to the Wellington SPCA!  We'll be telling you more about this in the week to come, so watch this space!

If you're thinking about a blog makeover - here's a link to tell you more about the fabulous Zoolatry's services