Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy holidays!!!

We wanted to wish all our pals HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

We were super spoiled by our Secret Santa - the wonderful gang from "One Eye on the Future" blog sent us some AMAZING goodies!!

Ooooo look at how pretty!!
For ME!!!
Oooo this smells SO GOOD!!
Oooo the wrapping also smells SO GOOD! (you can see the cool
book we got in the background too - it's called 'I Knead my
Mommy' and it's poems! Rumblemum loves poems!)
And now it's Hammy's turn to have a play with the wrapping...
Hammy REALLY liked the wrapping
I let Hammy have some time with the kickaroo. That was my gift to him
Then it was MINE MINE MINE!!!
This, my friends, is why they call it a kickaroo!!

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful day filled with family, friends, and foods! We feel very lucky to have so many friends out there, and we want to send you all a big RUMBLECUDDLE today!