Sunday, June 30, 2013

And the winner is...

Beaded Tail!! While it was Rafflecopter that randomly selected our winner, I have to say these ladies sure do know how to train their humans, this is a brilliant photo!!

Not only do they get to go on the counter, their human even gives them a BOX to sit in!! *awed*

Thank you so much to everyone that put in a photo and a comment - we loved every single one of them :) All in all, I think we're pretty skilled at training our humans to let us have our own ways! heh heh heh...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Counter productive!

Hello everyone! This is HAMMY!

Hello world!

Rumblemum has put ME in CHARGE of this contest!! I'm so excited! For some reason she thought that there would be a question of Rumble's objectivity when it came to the bootiful ladycats...

ANYWAY! Here is the contest...

In our house there are NO pussycats allow on the countertops, tabletops or shelves. Of course I NEVER go on the counters, but Rumbles...?

My feet are not on the counter so it doesn't count
This doesn't count as a counter
So, in order to keep Rumbles healthy and happy, Rumblemum decided to try to stop using chemical cleaners wherever possible. She worries that Rumbles is getting chemicals on his paws and then washing his paws and getting chemicals IN him. She's using quite a few things like steam cleaning or using vanilla extract or baking soda to clean.

But the coolest thing Rumblemum found was this cool product called an e-Cloth. It's a cloth that cleans without using any chemicals! Now she usually thinks that things like this don't work, but she was blown away by how well these cloths do work - all you need is the cloth and a spritz of water and it gets surfaces really clean!

So this is the contest - we want to know if you're counter productive! Do you get to go on the counters, or are you denied the joy? Tell us in the comments, or better still - to be in for additional entries you can post a photo to your blog or to Facebook of you on the counter or table or shelf. If you live in a house where you're really not allowed on the counters you can post a photo of an empty countertop (to prove that there are no kitties/doggies on the counters in your house). Then come back here and give us the URL of your post! :)

The contest will end at 4pm 30th June (that's NZ time) and we'll announce a winner then! The winner will get one General Purpose e-Cloth - works on stainless steel, worktops, baths and glass.

Contest is open to everyone, everywhere!

(please note: e-Cloth has not sponsored this post or this contest - Rumblemum just really loves this product and it helps keep us healthy :))

And now for some more HAMMY!

Don't I have an angelic face?

No way would I go on the counter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey. Hey Rumblemum.

Hello down there, Rumblemum
I've been doing some thinking
I think we need to have a contest...
Yes. A contest. Make it so.

We're gonna have a contest later this week for something COOL.  I bet you're at the edge of your seat already! You can see that I am!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The best way to spend a Caturday


This morning I alerted Rumblemum and Rumbledad to the fact that it was Caturday with a lovely song. I don't know that they fully appreciated it, but it sure did feel good to me!

After that I had a whole bunch of snoopervising to do, and some re-floofing (can you believe that loud cleaning machine ate all the floof I'd left on the carpet?? I worked hard to get those floofs just right!)

Then I had the hardest part of my day. The sun worship.

I love you, silvervine pillow. Let's never be apart.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's HAMMY time!!

Hello everybody!! I get to steal the blog today because Rumblemum finally got a good photo of me!

I'm too cute to pounce!

Apparently with a Ragdoll it's difficult to avoid getting 'red-eye' in photos. I don't know what that is, but I know I don't have it... I have BLUE eyes!

The photo above is me playing with one of my very favorite toys - the 'disco' Da Bird head. (you can see it here) I don't mind the feather Da Bird head, but the sparkly one is my FAVORITE. Rumbles likes the fur one, he thinks he's after a mousie!

I POUNCED on that Da Bird right after this photo was taken!

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm a Cheshire Cat!

With my new mushroom from Nip & Bones!!

Sweet Baby Patches thought that me and Hammy would like a mushroom - it's super cute and made out of wool! Here we are with it...

That Cheshire Cat had one of these
I'm much more handsome than the Cheshire Cat
I wanna be a Cheshire Cat too!!!
No way Hammy. You can be Tweedle Dee.
Pfffft to you, Rumbles!
And now for the bunny kicking part of our program!
Little bit of kick & nom
A standing bunny kick (mushroom is under me)

Cats are apparently attracted to wool - we sure like it! And the mushroom is a nice size - easy to grip in a bunny kick but with a long end for noming on.

All in all, a good time was had. Thank you so much, Miss Baby Patches. We love our mushie mushroom!

Edited to add: OMC! We just saw Miss Baby Patches' bloggie, and she's got good info on why kitties love wool... 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Do you remember THIS...?

This was me a few days ago:


Proving that she's a good Rumblemum, I now have:


Sunday, June 2, 2013

No pussycats on the counter

But I'm totally innocent! As you can see from the photo, I have no feet. How could a handsome mancat that doesn't have feet possibly jump on a counter?

And I'm NOT movin'

I blame the Ham.