Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sometimes me and the Ham work together

Rumblemummy tries to be very sneaky when she makes the bed, because me and the Ham LOVE to help.

We've learned that if we stand on the sheets she's trying to take off, she will bribe us with Greenies and Orijen Tundra treats to get us off. If we nom them REALLY quick we can zoom back to stand on the new sheets she tries to put on the bed (and then we get MORE treats!)

Today she thought she would do the sheets while we had our dinner. Nice try Rumblemum, but I cottoned on to what she was doing and zoomed in to help. Hammy noticed my zooming, and he was right behind me!

So we both got to have appetizers before dinner! heh heh heh

And now, behold my handsomeness.

I am NightRumble - protector of the city and bed!

Wait - I think I hear a sheet being put on! I'm on my way!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unfairness in the House of Ham

Hello everyone, it's HAMMY here!

And a special hello to Miss Brulee!! *tee hee*

It's so unfair. I want to play with my toys, but I can never find them! Do you know why?

It's because RUMBLES likes to take EVERY toy from the fun, sunny living-room and transport them into the back bedroom!

Well hello toys. I've been looking for you.
I don't understand it. It is not a short trip either! He has to drag them alllllll the way down the long hallway...

Long hallway is long
And then it's like he just makes a pile out of them! He doesn't even PLAY with them, he just likes to surround himself with toys.

 Why can't I have my OWN toys. HAMMY toys?

Do you know what he says when I ask him? I bet you can guess... he says....

*innocent eyes*
Is it any wonder I look gruff sometimes?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beware the gruff

That Ham... he has the nickname 'Gruff-puff' because THIS:

Bah humbug!