Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Epic winner and some Rumble-lovin'

Hooray, we have a winner on our Epic draw!

Congrats to Melanie R, randomly chosen by Rafflecopter!

And now, some photos for da ladies...
Well hey there girl...

Yeah you...

What I need right now is some cuddles!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Earthquakes and an Epic give away!

Hello my friends! I'm sorry we've been away, but we had some rather unpleasent RUMBLES here, and they were not coming from me!

No unauthorized rumbling allowed!!
We've been having lots of earthquakes, one of the worst was on Sunday - it was 6.5! The whole city shut down on Monday because of it. We were happy about that part cause we got the Rumbleparents home for the day.

So because of the earthquake I haven't had a chance to post about a nifty contest we've got, brought to you by Epic Pet Health! These are the people that helped me with my... *ahem* handsomeness enhancement.

Enough with the yackity yack, make with the prize!
Epic Pet Health is going to give away a 2oz bottle of one of their supplements, and you get to choose which one you'd like! They've got some for Repair and some for Skin (those are the ones we've tried and loved) or they've got some for Happy and some for Calm... and heaps of other ones!

We've got the Rafflecopter below for you to enter, and leave us a comment about which product you think you'd try if you won. You also get bonus entries for 'Liking' Epic on Facebook.

We'll use Rafflecopter to draw the winners name on Monday, 29 July (NZ time). Contest will close at 12am on Monday, and we'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Epic update!

Hello everyone, this is HAMMY!!!

My time to be a model, at last!
I figured you guys needed an update on Rumbles and his ACNE!! *hee hee*

No acne for me please!
Since he started getting a couple of sprays of the Epic 'Skin' formula and the Epic 'Repair' formula it's almost all gone! There was a patch right under his chin that cleared up right away, and he had some on the left hand side that's cleared up. The really bad patch on his jaw on the right hand side is not as bad now and seems to be improving!

We're so happy we got to test out the Epic supplements - I've been getting a spritz of the Skin one as well because I was scratching a lot, and I've not been scratching so much.

I'm dreaming of a sweet Brulee!
Thank you SO much to the Epic people, Rumbles is very grateful! But now I've got to think of something else to tease him about... hmmmmmm....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Like ducks to water

*sniffle* My army of ducks has flown the coop! Well, except for my beloved cat-ducks - they remain MINE.

APPARENTLY the ducks were bought for Rumblemum's work. Further proof that this 'work' she's always going to is, in fact, FUN. I think they need a Rumblepurr there, to oversee any and all duckies...

To make it up to me, she put my cat-ducks to water!

I think you guys are a bit confused about this whole 'swimming' thing
Ok, Grey Duck seems to have figured it out
Yup, by jove he's got it!!
I didn't really play with the duckies in the water, I thought I'd let the little guys have their fun and I'd just watch. When Rumblemummy took the ducks out of the water I decided it was time to address the troops.

Ok little Black-and-white Duck. I hardly saw you out there
Quite frankly, you remind me a bit of Hammy
Maybe you need a bit of a push... you know, to motivate you!
No? You don't like water? You want me to
protect you?
Ok, down you go! We'll discuss your performance in
a bit more detail later. I warn you, there may be noming
Now. Orange Duck. About that sideways swimming. Not cool, Duck.
Not cool

(For everyone that was asking where we got the cat-ducks... they were a wonderful gift from one of our friends, the wonderful Miss Peggy! We love the cat-ducks and Rumblemummy is NOT allowed to take them anywhere near her work.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Get the ducks in a row


My duck ARMY!!
Everyone present and accounted for?
We march at dawn!
Wait, no. We SWIM at dawn. 
No... YOU swim, I'LL march
Better still, I'll relax, YOU swim!
Except this guy. This guy stays with me.
Swim, my pretties! Swim!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I am a very lucky mancat - yesterday I got a package for ME!

Now we all know that a handsome mancat needs to work hard to keep looking his best. That's why I was super excited when Epic Pet Health gave me an opportunity to try out some of their products!

Even the bottles look cool!

Pssst... this is HAMMY! Don't tell Rumbles I told you,
but he has some acne and he's hoping this cures it! 

hee hee!

Hush, Ham! We got the 'Skin' supplement, and the wonderful Amy also suggested combining it with the 'Repair' as well.

Of course I had to inspect these new products immediately.

Hmm, how come I can't smell anything?

Still can't smell anything! 

(Note from Rumblemum: Rumbles has the best nose and can smell medicine or lotion or vitamins from a mile away. I am so impressed that he honestly can't smell this supplement! It's been so easy to get it into his food!)

To show my happiness, I will now pose for a
Yes, they are both my good side

I'll keep you guys updated as to my progress with this, but so far we've gotten past the first hurdle and I'm actually taking it willingly! I can't wait to see how things go over the next few weeks! This is such a good and all-natural way to ...um... enhance my handsomeness...

(This is HAMMY again - he means to say cure his ACNE! heehee!)

Thanks again to Amy from Epic, who has been really lovely in sending these supplements over to us, and also to our pal Oz the Terrier who did the initial review that got us so interested in these!