Monday, November 30, 2009

MANCAT Monday... brought to you by the manly Rumbles!

Today I am a MANCAT!! Can you believe that I'm finally one year old?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Once upon a time... Rumblepurr

...there was a handsome young cat-prince. We'll call him Bumblefur.

Prince Bumblefur was a mighty fine fellow. He kept the house safe from little bits of fluff that floated on the air, and made sure that all tuna-fish was well nomed.

Life was good in the Bumblefur kingdom... till one day an enemy emerged!

Nobody could understand where this evil rogue came from (it is suspected he came from Australia) but young Bumblefur knew that he had to keep the kingdom safe for his mummy and daddy, and also for his big brother Ruffletum.

Rendition of evil rogue - real rogue image far too frightening for family blog

At about 3am every night, unbeknownst to all but our Prince, the rogue comes to life on the shelf where he hides with the soft toys. The rogue flexes his claws and shows his teeth - sleeping mummy and daddy suspect nothing! Only Prince Bumblefur understands the danger!

With a mighty CRASH and a hearty THUD Prince Bumblefur sets into battle. Evil MUST be batted across the room and into submission! Zooming MUST be done afterwards, to make sure that no evil minions are lurking anywhere else in the house!

It is a thankless job for our fair Prince, and he asks for so little in return. The triumphant cuddles when he finishes his vanquishing and headbutts his mummy are thank you enough.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Flashback Friday - a tiny Rumble

Suffice to say, I no longer can do this... but that's ok 'cause I showed that TV lady who is boss...

(also suffice to say that Daddy had a small heart attack when he saw this photo, which is another reason that I can no longer do this, even if I could fit)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A RUMBLEstory - Rumblepurr

Mummy has left her flashy box at the work place, so we're off the hook for getting pictures this weekend! YIPPEE!! I figured I tell you a story instead.

Inigo is very  fond of getting attention to his head. He loves ear scritchies, and he'll start PURRING like you wouldn't believe when mummy kisses him between his ears.

Well, today I decided to get back on his good side so I could have MY blog back... when he was napping in the mouse house I peeked my head in and started washing the top of his head.

He LOVED it, and I got SO much praise for being kind to my brother...

So what was the upside for me you ask? Well....

The fur on the top of brothers head looks like it's been crimped for some reason - it's been like that since he was a kitten. It has a slight wave in it.  So what happens when you get wavey hair wet?

Heh heh heh. What a shame mummy doesn't have the camera.

Friday, November 20, 2009

More Inigo!

There is nothing better than a nest. I think I must have been a bird in a previous life, because I manage to make nests everywhere in the house!

(I'm keeping the little one away from the blog for a couple of days, just to even things out. Heh heh heh)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunpuddles! - Rumbles

Well it's about time.

I've been waiting on some decent sunpuddles for quite some time now

Grumble grumble... I want SUN!

Maybe if I snooze, the sunpuddle will come out a bit more...

I think it's working... I can feel the puddle creeping up on me...

Yeahhhhhh.... that's the stuff!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The mouse house - Rumbles

We were given the BEST gift today!!! One of the nice people at mummy's work gave her this for us!

(I'm a bit blurry cause I was having so much fun!!)

(ok... maybe a bit TOO much fun)

And just to prove that I didn't hog it, here's a video of Inigo laying claim to the mouse house as soon as it came out of the plastic (he also laid claim to the plastic)

More investigation required

And some big brother supervision

We're taking turns now (mine mine MINE!!!)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We got an award! -Rumbles

Many thanks to our BOOTIFUL friend Danielle for this award!

The deal is, when you receive this award, you write 10 interesting and honest facts about yourself. Then, you pass it on to a minimum of 7 other cat blogger friends. So, here we go....

(1) We are both named for swashbucklers
(2) Daddy gave us both our first names, mummy gave us our second names... and they don't generally call us by either name!! I am 'Junior Jones' and Inigo is 'Boo Puff''
(3) Mummy really wanted to get a red Maine Coon, and daddy really wanted to get a grey one. When they saw my RUMBLEphoto they both fell in love. They each saw the photo separate to one another, and when they spoke later I was the only pussycat they could talk about cause I was JUST THAT CUTE!

(4) We both have a little white spot on us, Inigo has a white spot on his nose, I have a white spot on my head
(5) Inigo LOVES kisses on the head, he purrs like thunder when mummy gives him tiny kisses
(6) I have a marking on the right side of my head (and only on my right side) that looks like a phone headset. Mummy sings a silly song about "Junior Jones/has Junior bones/call him up/on his Junior phone. Loves his Mum/and the Flufflebum/can't be alone/when you got Junior Jones"
(7) Inigo hates for daddy to see him being soppy or cuddling with mum - he pretends to be big and brave
(8) I have independant front and rear paws
(9) We are both VERY good at looking innocent
(10) I LOVE drinking water from the tap, poor Inigo hasn't quite mastered how to do this (as much as he wants to)

Now to pass this award along - we wanted to pick some blogs that are new-ish (other than Misha, who we picked cause we wanna steal his secrets):

(1) Misha (we want some of your sexy secrets please!!)
(2) George the Duck (who will have the cutest secrets, we just know it)
(3) Dante - our very handsome new buddy!
(4) Cleo - who only PRETENDS to be a grouchy puppy, but is actually so very lovely
(5) Epic - another handsome red Maine Coon (stop looking Mummy!!!)
(6) Marley - THWOCK!!!!
(7) Dolly - who is so kind to everyone (and very very cute)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The battle for chair supremacy - Inigo

We got a new chair last week to help mummy and daddy with their console gaming in the living room.

The chair immediately became prized territory, even though by right it should be MINE. (I am top cat after all!)

It is covered in a black cloth, so mummy realized quickly the only way it'll survive is to put an old sheet on it, and one of my fleece blankies on top of that.

Brother and I have had a great many battles over the chair. If he is sitting in it, I'll sneak up and THWACK him with my mighty paw!

If I'm sitting on it, he POKES the underside of the chair till I get off.

Several of his misadventures have led to the chair being knocked right over! (nuthin to do with me, honest)

Mummy was beginning to regret getting the chair, since we've been having more wrestling matches since it came than we ever have.

Well, last night we settled our civil chair war.

Ooo, head washies... ok, maybe there is room for both of us...

Yeahhhhh... get that spot by my ear, I can never reach it!

Even my whiskers! Wow, you're a pretty good brother

Fine. Fine. You've earned a spot cuddling with me. I just don't know that this chair is actually big enough for the both of us... zzzzzzzzz 

(I guess it is!)