Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fly free, sweet Prancer Pie

A special mancat has gone to the bridge - Prancer Pie from the Prancer Pie blog has passed tragically soon.

We send our purrs to his family. Fly free sweet Prancer, I know our Inigo will be there to meet you.

Comments are off for this post - please can you take a moment to stop by his blog and say some words to his family.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Proof that the Ham is a weirdo

We were lying in the sunpuddles the other day, totally enjoying the warm... till Hammy felt that he'd had enough warmth.

So he did this.

Check it out Rumbles! I'm under cover!
Ohhhh Hammy. *sigh* 
What? I'm SUPER comfy.
...because MOVING out of the sunpuddle would have been silly. Ohhhh Hammy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

It's a trap!

We recently got an email from the good folks at Dropcam - they're doing a fun blog challange! They wanted us to post about our quirks...

Hammy and I both LOVE these super floofy blankies. Rumblemum bought several of them because they're so soft, so now there's one in almost every room of the apartment.

Hammy and I cannot resist them! Whenever we put our paws on them, we are compelled to knead them then floomp into a puddle.

Well yesterday I took it one step further. I became a very floofy purr-ito!

How can this be so comfy?

Who cares, it's like a cloud! 
This is the best quirk EVER!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Some Sparkle in our lives!!

It has been a remarkable week.

First off, our wonderful new shopping tote! Miss Sparkle the Designer Cat is on it!! I (of course) love it for the bootiful ladycat on the outside. I also love it because Rumblemum bought some fresh fish and put it in there! You can get one of your own on Zazzle, and they help get the message out that declawing is not cool.

Then we got our Secret Santa gift... and it was from Miss Sparkle!! What an awesome coincidence, it's a Sparkley week, for sure!

Pretty sure it says 'Hammy' 

But... the big news? THIS was on the front of the package! Those Customs kitties must have been napping, they didn't steal my toys! Or maybe Binga gave them the hard word? Either way - WOO HOO!

Hooray! It passed!
NO Hammy. It CLEARLY says d'Artagnan Rumblepurr. Nothing about
Inside... was MAGIC.

Oooo bubblewrap and packing paper! I must maul you!

I spent like 10 minutes mauling the wrapping. I loved the bubble wrap. In this photo you can see I've mauled it so it's by my back paws, which are for MEGA MAULING.

Of course everything that I do, that Ham has to do too.

Ooo this IS fun!
Ok, make with the gifts now!
I like THIS one!

Look at all this LOOT!! We LOVED every bit of it!

And there was a bootiful card as well!

There was even something for Rumblemum!! A while back some stranger kitties came in and knocked her Bast statue off its shelf. Several times. Till it lost an ear and had dents in it. Miss Sparkle send a bootiful NEW statue!

So pretty!

Rumblemum took many, many photos of me doing goofy things like this with my new toys:

Till she smartened up and just made a video.

Thank you SO much to Miss Sparkle. We are thrilled. Rumblemum has taken at least a million photos. All is right in the world.

Happy new year to all my friends, I hope that 2014 is a wonderful year.