Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walls of fire... Rumblepurr

I've missed all my bloggy buddies... we have something called a firewall that has kept me from you *sob*

This horrible wall of fire kept giving me a 'restricted' message when I tried to look at blogs, even my own!!

Good news is that it seems to be working now. Mummy said that it keeps out bugs, but I really like bugs - I can chase them and nom them!

I have to say a BIG BIG RUMBLEPURR to some of my friends that I haven't met yet. Mummy got a special delivery today of a BEE stamp!! It was from my friend BEE BEAR!!! He follows my blog, can you believe it?! Bee bear is wonderful. So are Jude, Rosemary and Jo - I think mummy keeps me from them because she knows I'll want to go live with them... just mewin'...

I also have to thank my BOOTIFUL ladyfriend Pollypuss - I'll have photos of the gifts she sent for tomorrow, suffice to say that the way to a RUMBLEheart is totally through the gift of salmon.

I hope everyone is going to watch my buddy Misha on Campbell Live tonight, and if you haven't voted yet, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday : Laughing at Rumbles!! - Inigo

Heh heh heh... these are the very first photos of Rumbles when he arrived at our house. Mummy and daddy tried to have us in separate rooms 'cause they were worried we might not get along, but all I wanted to do was meet my little brother!!

I complained till they let him out, then we had fun times with the tunnel... mummy and daddy were so impressed at how well we got along.

(this was BEFORE Rumbles started stealing my food and my mummy cuddles mind you!!)

I kinda laughed a little bit at how big his ears were, but he's sure grown into them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More life lessons with Bee Bear - Inigo

Mummy can't quite get over the Bee Bear. He is teaching all kinds of valuable lessons that she comes home and teaches us.

Now if you remember, Bee Bear started his adventure floating by himself, with not a honey pot to be seen.

Then Bee Bear found victory! A honey pot appeared, and Bee Bear sat upon it like a king on his throne! Life was good.

Bee Bear has now achieved maximum Bee-ness... he has other Bees!!! A number of Bees have joined him, and not one of them seem to suspect that he is not actually a Bee!

So what's the lesson? Fake it till ya make it bay-BEE!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

MANcat Monday and a MEGA thank you! - Inigo

Thank you SO much to our new friends at Zoolatry!!

Such a beautiful photo of ME, and mummy says it really captures my serenity and elegance (I'm the opposite of Rumbles in other words, MOL)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catwalk Caturday

I bet you all thought that little Rumbles was gonna be the super-model... no WAY! It's time for Inigo Xavier Flufflebum to REALLY shine!! This photo shoot shows my versatility and edgy look (I'm on the edge of the couch for most of the shots, can't get much edgier than that)

I learned from Tyra Banks and the American Next Top Models about modeling with my eyes...

But Tyra could learn from ME about modeling with the ruff

I'm appealing to the tuna fishies in this one (Get in my TUMMY little tunas!!)

Of course my portfolio needed a couple of profile shots

And finish up with just a touch of innocence (What do you mean I shouldn't be on the laptop?)

I think I've got a pretty good portfolio, let me loose on the world!! *preen*

But of course, do not forget - this is to help our buddy Misha and also help out the less fortunate pussycats so please, give what you can to help.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rappin' Rumbles

Today I share a little Rumble rap. Is dedicated to my pal George the Duck

♫ I like small ducks
And I cannot lie
You other kitties can't deny
When a duck flies by with an itty bitty bill
And some tail-feathers in your face
You get
Chase the tail and the wing
Catch that ducky thing...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Support Misha - Inigo Flufflebum

A shirt came today, looks like it is sized for mummy, it was addressed to Rumbles... but it is MINE!!

Misha know some REALLY hot Ragdoll girls, he has my support for sure!!!

Mummy took a couple of videos so you could hear how loud I purred when I had my Misha shirt on

What a shock, someone had to put his big Rumbly nose in!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Easy like Sunday - Inigo Flufflebum

Mummy and daddy are occupied by Batman : Arkham Asylum... but they cannot resist pausing to observe my cuteness.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

VICTORY!!! -Rumblepurr

Today my friends, it is a banner day for pussycats everywhere.

Mummy had the loud annoying thing out to clean the carpets... she was grumbling something about shaving brother and me and how that would make her life easier (HARUMPH)

Now usually brother and I will hang out (NOT hide!) in the other room while this goes on. Well not today! Today I decided to go paw to head with DA BEAST!!

I verrrry slowly and low to the ground crept up to the brushy part, and I POUNCED on it!!! Then I batted it over and over with my paw! Mummy and daddy were laughing, but I think it was nervous laughter cause they were so a-feared of how ferocious I was being...

So almost right after I did my pouncing, the machine stopped working!!! Mummy tried everything, but it just wouldn't start up again!

I am a mighty warrior.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tired on a Thursday - Inigo Flufflebum

Mummy is sooo tired, she had to go travel for work... we're not too impressed cause she was even LATER than usual *pout*

She saw some lovely duckies and took photos... she says she'll post them another day. Today you get to see some very attractive photos of MEEEEE

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random acts of cuddles - Rumblepurr

I've decided in honor of #chickfest that I'm gonna be gettin' my cuddle on.

If you're on Twitter, beware of the CUDDLESNIPER... cause if you're in my sights you're gonna get CUDDLED.

(specially if you are a BOOTIFUL girlcat. I'm just mewin')

Monday, September 7, 2009

MANLY Monday - we help!!

We both love our humans, but really they don't understand how to do things properly.

For example: making the bed. How can you possibly make the bed without arranging the pillows from underneath?

When I'm hard at work, does mummy appreciate that I'm fluffing up the place she rests her weary head...?

NO. All I hear is "Not helping" *harumph*

And the laundry... a good MANCAT knows that you have to have that April-fresh scent - so we try to make the clothes smell like our April-fresh paws!

Do we get a "Well done!" and some tuna? NO!

What about all the time we spend writing? Praise...? Catnip...?

NO, we get a terse "Get off the keyboard!!!"

We are MANCATS. We know how to run the house dagnabbit!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We have now had a WHOLE WEEK without mummy letting us blog, this is not acceptable. She claims she's been busy with work and not feeling well, but *HARUMPH*!!

Last night we taught her a lesson - daddy came to bed late so we gave her massive cuddles on either side, and we both purred SUPER loud... That will teach her to neglect our bloggy duties!!

There is not much new, except that spring is finally in the air. Sun-puddles are appearing where before there were none... and we both have much more *POUNCE* and *BOUNCE* in our steps.