Friday, November 30, 2012

Hip hip HOORAY!

It's my BIRTHDAY! In honor of this very awesome occasion, I invite you all to participate in a BIRTHDAY BLAST!

My sweet pal Miss Gracie has done up some excellent graphics for the occasion, so everyone grab a plate, fill it with noms, eat em then smash da plate - cause it's that kind of party! I've volunteered Hammy to do the clean-up, so don't hold back!

Mmmm... a TUNA cake!

I don't even know where to start noming!

Me and the BOOTIFUL Miss Gracie are gonna have
some fun TPing the place!! Everyone grab a roll!

And the best for last - look at what Miss Gracie got me!!! It's my own JET! So now I can jet over and visit you guys, get cuddles and smoochies and be back without the Rumbleparents noticing!! I'll even let Hammy be my co-pilot (as long as he salutes me every time he sees me)

I'll look handsome in a pilot's uniform!

Thanks to the very sweet Miss Gracie, and thanks to all my friends in the Blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter. I feel very lucky to know you all.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rumblemum is HOME!!

We are SO happy we forgot to snub her!

We raced over to greet her and smell all the new suitcase-y smells. We smelled that far-away cat but chose to ignore that *glaring at Rumblemum*

She brought us a wonderful gift - but it's so warm here today that we didn't feel like playing too much.

Here's a photo of us being cat-loafs. I have the tail end of our new toy in my paw.

Honestly, I love the new toy. It's just tooooo hot

This is how Hammy and I fight when it's too hot

Hammy's trying to steal the spotlight. We know my pink nose makes
you forget all about him and his blue eyes

We've gotten some AWESOME gifts and awards from our friends out there, we'll post on those soon. Rumblemum is still getting over her jet lag and is thinking of stalking the Hobbit Premiere tomorrow... so we'll see how we go with posting this week :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rumblemum WHO?

Well my friends, still no Rumblemum. Apparently she is somewhere cold called 'Canada'. HaHA Rumblemum! Without our cuddles you will be FREEZING!

Revenge is truly a dish best served cold. FREEZING cold.

Rumblemum WHO? I don't know any Rumblemum

See how I keep my nose warm with my tail? And I don't even
NEED to stay warm cause it's SUMMER here

Oh! Did you see me as 'Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere'? *strut* *strut*

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hunting high and low - Rumbles

It's been DAYS since we've seen our Rumblemum! We thought she might just be hiding, so we launched a full scale search.

Hammy (who is just silly) thought she might just be inside the flashy box, so when Rumbledad brought it out, Hammy gave it a close up look.

Rumblemum? Are you there?

I thought she might be hiding in a new bag that Rumbledad brought home. It had really enticing crinkly paper, so I could see where she'd want to hang out inside.

Neither of these seemed to work. The hunt continues.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Once I figure this out - Rumbles

My mean, mean Rumblemum is off cavorting with foreign cats, so I find I must make do on my own *sniffle*

Rumbledad has sent her this video so she can see her REAL cats, and how we hardly miss her at ALL *sob*.

I've almost worked out how to open my toy chest to get at my Silvervine Fishies! That Ham came over to help, but he's not as clever as I am.

Before you know it I'll have figured out how to open my own cans of food!

Here is a picture of the far-away pussycat that she is cuddling. I notice a slight resemblance to ... WAFFLES!? *dun dun dunnnnn*

All your Rumblemums are belong to ME!

Is this a coincidence? Could it be that this is a relative of Waffles, and my Rumblemum is being kidnapped by a Waffles cartel?

Maybe me and Hammy need to get a jet plane and sort this out.

A note for my Twitter pals - there's a big Twitter party on Tuesday Nov. 13 from noon to midnight EST - hashtag #BlogPawty. Here's an invitation: I will be spinning my awesome tunes starting at 1pm EST, so be sure and stop by!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waffles Task Force - day two

So many excellent theories, and so many willing to help! Some interesting questions arose from yesterday:

(1) Andrea and the Celestial Kitties made a comment that got us thinking: Waffles looks a LOT like that handsome orange fella Wally from the Island Cats. AND both their names begin with a 'W'... coincidence?

Wally...? Waffles...?

(2) Dorothy Abernathy suspects Waffles may be an undercover operative... I think she's on to something! Maybe Waffles is an agent of the Silvervine Collation, trying to undermine the nip industry! Actually I could get behind that movement... Waffles if you are  part of the Silvervine Collation, let me join your cause!!

(3) Miss Penelope raised the theory that Waffles could be a figment of our imagination. I have to admit that I wondered this myself. We all know Glogirly is highly skilled at photoshop - could this be a clever illusion (like those photos where you can see more than one thing... those freak me out)

(4) Da Tabbies o Trout Towne think that "waffles be de huzband oh katie; they meeted at a salmon swap bak in september N it wuz lovez at furst de salmon that iz...then it wuz loves at second site when they sawed each other.....let uz noe what we can due ta help find him....we still haz de code ta de spiez plane from R visit a few bak !!!" This is an intriguing idea, but I do not want to believe that BOOTIFUL Miss Kaite has a husband *sniffle*

(5) Elyse K suggested we stake out Catbucks, the last known whereabouts of Waffles. An EXCELLENT plan - I suggest that we take shifts till this mystery is solved!

To all of you that have volunteered to help - I give my hearty thanks, and say that we start acting on some of these tips!
Please don't forget to vote for Miss Katie - today is the last day and she deserves to win!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Task force ENGAGE - Rumbles

My friends, a matter of deep concern has gripped the blogosphere for over a month now. That concern is...

Who is Waffles?

The first mention of the mysterious Waffles was during Miss Katie (of Glogirly blog) campaign to become 'Cat Ruler of the World' Waffles was instrumental in the victorious election of Miss Katie... and then he DISAPPEARED.  

Every now and then we catch a flash of him, but nothing substantial. Inquiries into his whereabouts have been unanswered.

We MUST find Waffles. 

I propose a task force to investigate and uncover this mystery, and I ask WHO IS WITH ME?

The truth is out there!!
UPDATE: There is some evidence from the BOOTIFUL Cathy Keisha that Waffles MAY not be a 'he' !