Friday, August 30, 2013

The truth about Hammy

He loves to cuddle with his mum...


His purrs are brighter than the sun!

I'm thinking of cuddles
But when the night begins to fall...

Oooo, I sense danger!
There is a Ham that watches all.


HAM HAWK: avenger of ham, pork and bacon related goods.
HAM HAWK: protecting the innocent noms, noming the guilty noms.
HAM HAWK: putting the 'ham' in Hammy!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm getting them trained

On Sunday morning, I discovered I was out of crunchies.

Being a kind and generous mancat, I waited till about 8am (a time when the Rumbleparents SHOULD be up) then I started making my unhappiness known.

First I started with some gentle mews. Nothing.

So I got a bit louder.

When THAT didn't work, I went to Rumbledad's bedside table and started knocking things off. Still no luck.

 I went over to Rumblemum's bedside table and started knocking things off. No response.

And then a lightbulb went on... literally! I figured out how to turn on the bedside table lamp! Victory! Moments later I had a full bowl.

 The moral of this story? Rumblemum was clearly awake to note all the things I tried to get her attention - she should learn to get up at the first mew or else she gets a face full of LIGHT!

Mancat in motion

Monday, August 26, 2013

This is not for the faint of heart

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here, and to honor the sun I have allowed Rumblemum to photograph me enjoying it.

Sometimes a mancat just has to have a snooze. On his tent.

Oh hey Rumblemum. Yeah I see you have a camera.

I guess it's ok to take my photo. Wait, let me look a bit kitten-y first.

Ooo actually that sun is a bit bright...

VERY bright.
Only one thing I can do in a situation like this. ZzzZzzz

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just a reminder...

Untitled by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
Go on! Make another noise! Pleeeeeeeeeeesssse?
The auction for Uncle MaxMaxx is ending tomorrow, so you still have time to bid on this amazing pukeko! It makes authentic pukeko sounds, and we sure do love it!!

If you're not a fan of peeping New Zealand birds, there are many other wonderful items on offer!

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's NOT true!!

My friends, do NOT listen to what that Ham had to say yesterday. I most certainly would not let him sit on MY chair. And wash his head? As IF! I'm the big brother. He should be washing MY head.

(And even if he did sit on my chair, no way did he look this good doing it)

Ain't no hamming going on here

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's true!

Untitled by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
This chair is almost as soft as I am!
The most comfortable chair in the house is the one that Rumbles sits on!

I love doing everything that Rumbles does. I think it annoys him a bit (but that actually makes it MORE fun! hee hee!)

At the end of the day I know Rumbles loves me. He washes my head when I come over to him and he gets upset when he doesn't know where I am.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just a quick one today...

Untitled by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
Doctor Rumblepurr, at your service!
I have to tend to a sick Rumblemum. She says her head feels like it weighs a million pounds! I tried to help this morning by waking her when she should have woken up, but for some reason she didn't appreciate my knocking stuff off the bedside table...

Monday, August 19, 2013


As some of you know, we've been having a lot of earthquakes lately.

It hasn't been easy on Hammy and I. We were really lucky that Rumblemum was working from home on the day that the BIG earthquake hit - it was a 6.6! She was so scared for us, she chased us down the hall into the bedroom where there are less windows. Hammy wouldn't come out from under the bed for AGES, he wouldn't come for his dinner or for cuddles - he was so freaked out.

We're still getting smaller earthquakes, today wasn't so bad though. Rumblemum has been putting some of the Epic Pet Health 'Happy' formula into our food and it's been like a miracle, we've been a lot less stressed since we've been taking it. (This is the stuff - it's AMAZING)

Thank you to everyone that's sent us good wishes, we sure appreciate it. Hopefully we've seen the end of the quakes.

So now to brighten the mood, this is me looking extra angelic. Can you believe I was once a member of the naughty kitty club?

Untitled by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
Look into my angel eyes!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Easy like Sunday

Um... maybe that's a little TOO easy, Hammy...


Friday, August 16, 2013

To the MaxMaxx!!

Our pals at Noir's nook have been missing a critical member of their family - Uncle MaxMaxx hasn't been well, and he's been having to go to the dreaded vet...

The wonderful Miss Marg has put together an auction to help with the vet costs. We decided this time around we'd donate a different birdie - usually we go with a Kiwi, but this time we're going with this AWESOME Pukeko!

Pukeko by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
Yeah that's right. I'm AWESOME.

He's a bit weird looking...

Untitled by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
I'm not weird lookin'. YOU'RE weird lookin'! 

He has a bit of an attitude...

Pukeko bum of disrespect by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
Bum of disrespect

And he was pecking at the carpet...

Let me know if you find some tuna, 'k?

But we can't get enough of his peep peep peeping noise! He is utterly irresistible when you press his chest! Apparently he sounds EXACTLY like a real life Pukeko.

Rumblemum LOVES Pukekos, she saw several on a holiday she went on (without US, I must add) and they were so smart and funny. She didn't bring any of the real ones home with her. Too bad, cause I think they would have been AWESOME pals!

Yeah... you know you want some of these tail feathers.

If you'd like to own your VERY own Pukeko, with authentic Pukeko peeping sounds, go NOW to the auction site and place a bid! 

(hmm... I kinda wanna place a bid on him myself, I love his peeping song so much!)

Aww, you understand me, Pukeko!

(To find out more about Pukeko, you can read up here!)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peeky BooBoo

Peeky BooBoo by d'Artangan Rumblepurr
I seeeeeeeeeee you!
In our house, my majestic man-cat tower is right next to the sofa so I can keep an eye on Rumblemum.

I love being close to her, even if it does prompt her to take my nickname (BooBoo) in vain when I look at her thusly.

You may notice that my tower is getting a bit... undone. I'm trying to convince Rumblemum that we need to grow a tree in the living room for me. She appears unconvinced.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Ham roll

Hello everyone!! This is HAMMY!!

I'm so excited that we're blogging every day. I have all sorts of things that I want to say!! Rumblemum was telling me that she saw that Sealy Dan guy AGAIN today on her walk home! I'm not so sure I'd like having a seal brother. He'd try to eat my noms. And as many of you pointed out, he'd need a big bathtub to roll around in.

Speaking of rolling, TA DA! Here is a HAMMY roll!

Oooo I like this chair!

Yeahhh... this is how I roll!!
I'm so happy that we're starting to get nice weather again. Rumbles and I love to roll around in the sunshine. As you can see from the photos, I also love to roll around at night.

We wanted to add... it's a sad day today. Sweet Abby from Manx Mnews has gone to the bridge. She was a very special girl, and one of our first blog friends. We send our purrs and thoughts to her family tonight.

Photo used from Manx Mnews

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A new Rumblebum?

Hello my friends!

Lately when Rumblemum walks home from work, she's been seeing this guy:


She thinks his name should be Sealy Dan. And she wants him to follow her home.

Depends. Does your home have cable? And fresh fish?

When she suggested that Sealy Dan might follow her home one day, Rumbledad said that he wouldn't be able to reach the elevator keys.

Well played, Rumbledad. Well played.

If we get Sealy Dan, does that mean Hammy goes to live on the rocks?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mancat on a Monday

Now I ask you. Why would I need to photobomb when I'm so photogenic??

I've got some wonderful news! Rumblemum has pledged to do our blog EVERY DAY for the next month! Can you believe it? She said something about a 'Ted' talk that she heard - apparently you should try to do things that will change your life in a positive way for 30 days. And since we're wonderful, she's decided our blog will be her first 30 day challenge! Hooray for us!

Hello ladycats of the interwebs!
I have a challenge for YOU - do you think I can take a more handsome
photo than this one?

So, look forward to 29 more days of ME!! (oh and maybe one or two of Hammy. If he lets me eat his Greenies.)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keep your eyes on the Ham

Hello everyone! This is HAMMY!

I was looking VERY handsome this morning and Rumbledad snapped a photo of me.

Hello everyone! Are you feeling HAMMY today?

I don't know why they laugh when they look at this photo. Or why Rumbles has been walking around looking smug...