Saturday, March 18, 2023

There once was a boy...

And he was the most beautiful boy. He loved to be loved, and brought joy and light to any room he was in.

He was strong, and fast. He could zoom up his tower so quickly he had the nickname 'white lightning'. 

d'Artagnan on tower top

While he wasn't strictly a lap cat, if you had a blanket or a pillow on your lap, he'd pretend you were a sofa - gracing you with his purrs and having a little snooze.

He was a giant clown - if there was a goofy thing to be done, he would be there to do it. I swear he loved to make people laugh at his antics - and while he could occasionally do things that might be considered naughty, he was such a character that you couldn't ever be cross with him.

He was there every single morning to 'help' with my morning routine and keep me on time - and if I was veering off schedule he'd gently remind me it was time to turn on the tap for him to have water, or give him his beloved 'floor crunchies'. 

d'Artagnan and his unicorn

He'd bring us gifts in the night - his little soft toys that he'd carry from the living room to the bedroom. He had an order to what he brought - if we were really good, we'd get his little Marie toy or one of the kickaroos. Sometimes it would be at 1am or 2am that he'd bring them - but one of us (usually Rumbledad) would get up to see what he'd gifted. Whenever I thought about not getting up to look, I'd think there would come a day when I'd give anything to hear his proud little mew in the middle of the night.

And that's where we are now. I'd give anything to hear that precious and triumphant mew.

We lost our gentle boy yesterday. It was an absolute shock how quickly things happened. He went from being fine to having some indications of cancer to a full-blown large tumour in the space of a few weeks.

It's been a long time since I posted here, but we've had such comfort looking over his photos and stories today. 

There's a big d'Artagnan Rumblepurr-shaped hole in our lives that will never be filled. I hope that he's with Inigo now, and they both know how loved they were and still are... and will always be. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy holidays!!!

We wanted to wish all our pals HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

We were super spoiled by our Secret Santa - the wonderful gang from "One Eye on the Future" blog sent us some AMAZING goodies!!

Ooooo look at how pretty!!
For ME!!!
Oooo this smells SO GOOD!!
Oooo the wrapping also smells SO GOOD! (you can see the cool
book we got in the background too - it's called 'I Knead my
Mommy' and it's poems! Rumblemum loves poems!)
And now it's Hammy's turn to have a play with the wrapping...
Hammy REALLY liked the wrapping
I let Hammy have some time with the kickaroo. That was my gift to him
Then it was MINE MINE MINE!!!
This, my friends, is why they call it a kickaroo!!

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful day filled with family, friends, and foods! We feel very lucky to have so many friends out there, and we want to send you all a big RUMBLECUDDLE today!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I am a chameleon

I know this photo will confuse you a bit, because I am so well camouflaged. It will surprise you to know that me and my fishie are hidden here!

Sometimes a mancat wants to be alone with his fishie!

Congrats to Sweet Purrfections, who won our awesome prize of the Newflands Hoki oil! We're so excited that our friends are getting to try a taste of New Zealand! And I may or may not be packing myself to visit the lovely Miss Truffle... heh heh heh...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A give away!

My friends, I have a super exciting give-away for you!

Do you remember how much me and the Ham loved our package from Newflands? Well, the really kind people at Newflands have given us one of their cool products to give away to one of you!

The Hoki fish is a New Zealand fish that is so good for you - it helps with joint support, keeps your coat nice and glossy, and helps with cardiac care (which is really important to me and Rumblemum)

Newflands has made the most amazing Hoki oil, it's nice and light - you just put a pump into food. It tastes really good... cause it's FISH!

The contest is for a 200ml bottle of the Hoki oil, and it is open to international people (YAY!!) so anyone can enter!

To enter, visit and like the Newflands Facebook page... and that's it!

Even tho I am pre-packaged, I am not a prize.
Unless you are a bootiful ladycat.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 16, 2015


It must be spring, cause me and the Ham have been springing all over the place!

Today has been a day of ZOOM!! I was chasing Hammy... then he was chasing me... then I was trying to climb the drapes... then we were both pouncing on our Under Cover Mouse toy!

And now, it is post-zoomie time:

That Ham likes to have a full-blown snooze once he's done zooming

I have a secret-hidden snooze. This is one of my
favourite spots!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm doing some RUMBLEPURRing now!

Hello my friends! I'm sure a lot of you have been worried that I have wasted away from my dieting, and that's why I haven't been posting so much...

Well good news and even better news... the good news is that I've lost some weight! Yeah that's right, I'm a lean, super-clean, cuddle machine! So far I've lost about 500g, which is halfway to my goal weight!

But the even better news? I've been getting some special TREATS! Yeahhhh... this ALMOST makes up for all the treats that I've been deprived of while on this 'diet' *gRumble*

We were recently sent some cool products to sample and review by a New Zealand company called Newflands... this is really exciting because it's not often that we see New Zealand pet brands! It's so weird, because NZ has so many amazing and natural ingredients!

One of my favourite ingredients is the Hoki fish - Hoki is an Australian/New Zealand fish that is SO YUMMY. It's also really, really good for doggies and kitties - because of the Omega Oils in it, it can help with things like itchy/scratchy skin conditions, heart and immunity issues, and arthritis! Hoki has been listed as having the potential to be an everyday, white fish alternative to salmon as it's so rich in omega-3 fatty acid. The Hoki that Newflands uses is called "Macruronus novaezelandiae" which is fished off the coast of the south island – often in the cook strait. It's Marine Stewardship Council certified - they are an independent body, and if you're interested in finding out more about them, here's a link :)

We were really lucky - our friends at Newflands sent us some freeze-dried Hoki, as well as some Hoki oil to add to our food, and some of their Health Treats (which have Hoki and chicken and beef... and are very nice as you can see from these photos of me eating every single one that I come into contact with)

Please notice that I am getting my treats served to me on the kitchen bench, in my special dish.
Kitties: this is how it should be! *high-paw*
Even though I am very, very weak from hunger I will ALWAYS have the energy to eat these treats!
​Hammy gets his treats on the floor (apparently to keep me from stealing them from him.
Please note that this tactic doesn't work)

Because these treats are good for us, they get a pass from the diet police... HOORAY!

We're going to update you on our progress while we nom the great goodies from Newflands, and we're also going to be holding a give-away so that one of you could win some of their yummy products! And best of all, it's an international contest! So our friends everywhere can enter for a chance to try some special New Zealand treats!

​Disclaimer: We were given free products to sample, but the opinions in this post are our own (and as you can see from the photos, we both really like the treats! The freeze dried Hoki was also very quickly consumed, but more by Rumbles than Hammy... probably because Rumbles pushed Hammy out of the way to eat his share and Hammy got all sulky about it :) ) 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hammy time!

Hello everyone! This is HAMMY!

I know a lot of you miss seeing me and my regular 'Sunday Ham' posts... so here is a little mid-week Ham for you!

Drop some ham here, Mummy!

It's getting VERY cold here now. I like to keep warm by cuddling.

I also wanted to mention that our pals at Nip & Bones are having a BIG blow-out sale! Some select items are up to 60% off! If you're doing your holiday shopping early, you totally need to check this sale out! They stock Silvervine... kitties, if you haven't tried Silvervine, you must make your humans buy you some immediately!

Friday, June 26, 2015

My anti-diet protest

My friends. I feel like I am melting away. This diet is just SO UNFAIR.

I am not one to take these things sitting down (lying in a sunbeam... maybe. But not sitting down) There is one shelf in the Rumblehouse that I am not supposed to be going up on. Today I took a page out of Greenpeace's book and launched a physical protest!

"Don't be a meanie/Give me some GREENIES"

Just put the tuna in the bowl, and none of these
nick-naks get hurt

Wait... are you actually GOING to put the tuna
in the bowl?

Hush, Hammy. I'm having a protest moment! 
So APPARENTLY this 'is not the most effective way to get what I want'.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My friends. A horrible, horrible thing has happened in the Rumblehouse.

APPARENTLY, some Vet has said that I am too 'portly'. ME? NooooooOooo... I demand to see the Vet credentials!

So for the last week I've been put on a d-i-e-t. It's horrifying! As you can see from these photos I am weak from hunger.

Pleeeeaaase can I have some more noms?

It's just this blanket making me LOOK plump

Really I'm PERFECT size!

I know you can't resist the BOO BOO EYES!


If any of you want to invite a poor, starving mancat to dinner... I would be there with bells on!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hiding from the Ham

That Hammy! Lately he is trying to do EVERYTHING that I do. He's been lying on my spot on the tower. He's been trying to attack the toys the same way I do. He's such a copy-ham!

One thing he's not ever going to be better at is being a secret-hidden-cat! I have that nailed.

This is my very favourite spot!

I can spy on that Ham and make sure he's not copying me!

So far, it is very quiet. That's never a good sign...

I might need to go ultra-covert if I'm going to catch him!

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone on Facebook for leaving us lovely posts :) We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends :)  I know we're not so great at blogging regularly, but now that it's heading into winter we'll make Rumblemum post more often (or she won't get cuddles! She needs LOTS of extra cuddles in winter to stay warm!)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Work all night/sleep all day

I have a new job - it's an exciting and dynamic night job!

It is my job to bring at least TWO toys from the living room into the bedroom, and notify the Rumbleparents that I have done so by singing a mighty and majestic song.

"Meroww merow merowwwwwww"
(this gift I bring to you)
"Mew maow MOWWWW"
(a sacred gift from pussycat)
"Meoww Meeeww MEW"
(shower me with praise and LOVE)
"Maow merow meroooo"
(and be grateful it is not a rat!)

After my song, Rumbledad must get up and give me scritchies and praise for being ever so clever.

Typically I shower them with my gifts at about 2am. It's lucky that I have the day to recover so that I may again sing my mighty tune.

If I don't get enough sleep, I'll be out of tune
for my next performance! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Hammy

Hello everyone!! This is HAMMY! I thought you might want to see my 'please can I have some ham' eyes!

Maybe just a small package of ham?
Now that the weather is getting cooler, I've been snuggling under the covers again. Sometimes Rumbles 'doesn't know I'm there' and he stomps on me... but that's OK. I still love him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Doctor Rumblepurr - available for house-calls!

Rumblemum has managed to come down with a cold, she's feeling very miserable and sorry for herself.

I decided to put myself in a convenient place so that she would feel better. Now every time she needs a tissue, she'll have ME close at hand! I'm also keeping the tissues warm, so really I deserve twice as many treats for being such a good boy.

You know they say "starve a fever, feed a cold TUNA", right Rumblemum?
And speaking of tuna being a cure for a cold, maybe I need to be vaccinated
with some tunas... just in case...

I don't even know why you buy tissues with cute animals. You have ME.

Nurse Hammy CLAIMS that he is also being helpful, but really all he wants is cuddles. They're not the medicinal cuddles like I give.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I know what you're going to say...

I'm going to post this photo, then I'm going to hear a lot of 'Oh that Ham! He is SOOOO cute!' and 'Oh look at those TOE-HAWKS!'

Let me tell you, life with the Ham is NOT all cute and toe-hawk filled! Why just the other day he swooped in and nomed MY chick-hen! Can you believe that?

Yeah that's right, you lie flat. Flat and full of MY chick-hen!

A long while back I promised to post a photo of Rumbledad's Lego R2D2 - a Rumblepurr always keeps his word!

Beep boop bop beep (translation: bring me tuna)