Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time for a Flufflebum

I'm sure you're all very bored of my brother and his antics by now (I know I am *harumph*)

I strongly feel that I am not being given the proper public attention. Rumblemum says it's because I'm such a tender, sweet boy and she worries that I might not do well in the hard world... but look at me! I caught a rat for heavens sake!

Right, so maybe it's a toy rat... but I still caught it! I'm the top cat, head of the house! I don't misbehave or try to steal ham out of sandwiches... so more Inigo on the internet!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

FOXY Friday - Rumbles and Inigo

We both have a fox this Friday... starting with Rumbles!

I've picked the most BOOTIFUL Baby Patches as my Friday Fox. She's not only silky, soft and smart but she's super kind too! She and her mummy are always helping less fortunate kitties by donating time, toys and money to animal shelters.

The Baby has SO many boy-cats under her spell, we think she must have some magic powers... she could have an army of boy-cat slaves at her bidding with one twitch of her stunning nose!

A big congrats to her and her mummy for their new store that launched this week.

(Psst Baby - what you and me have? Is not magic, is totally the real thing *RUMBLEwink*)

And now Inigo...

I would like to send out a special FOXY Happy Birthday wish to Cathy Keisha! Such a stunning girl, the only thing that could enhance her loveliness would be to have a BIG school of fish behind her!!

Cathy is such a natural beauty *happy sigh* The fish really bring out the OM NOM NOM in her eyes...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The final chapter... winners!

Well done to everyone that entered!!! Every single entry made Rumblemum laugh, and we're all in awe of your creative powers and imaginations!

And the winner is...

Tygana from 'One Cats Nip', who created a really fun and entertaining serial over several days - it not only had lots of our favorite blog kitties in the story, but it had a sweet and happy ending!

It was a very hard choice since there were so many great ending ideas - we'd like to make special mention of our puppy pal Dolly at 'The Little Dog Speaks', the bootiful and super amazing STEALTH KITTY Katie at Glogirly's blog, and Loki from 'Lokithecat's blog'  (T-RO-CAT is AWESOME!) If you haven't had a chance to see their contributions yet, take a look!

Tygana has won (drum-roll please)... a beautiful 8x10 portrait from Zaziart! Zaziart has done amazing portraits of our other anipal friends (you can see some of her work here) and really captures their beauty as well as their personality in her work. We can't wait to see Tygana's finished portrait!!

Also, Tygana will be the next companion in any Doctor Mew adventure story!

Our second winner is drawn at random from all of the people that commented on the original post. We were so thrilled to get so many comments (a record number for us!) and we're really happy to announce the winner of the draw is...

HotMBC!! Congrats to Sanjee and the crew... you've won a special New Zealand surprise gift!

A big thanks also to Misha for being such a great and sexy super villain, and mega-smoochies to Baby Patches for being such a bootiful companion.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mancats on a Monday

I wonder if we've gotten all the entries for our contest yet?

We got quite a few! And they sure were COOL! 

What are we going to do next?

Dunno. But I have the feeling that we'll come up with something...

Friday, January 22, 2010

FOXY Friday - Rumbles

Need some cheer this FOXY Friday? We got the girl for you!!!

Miss Sweet Praline  has had us swooning since we saw her on Misha's blog contest for the cutest kitten.

Now we know that her mummy makes her watch a lot of football, so we had a feeling she'd fit right in with the cheerleaders since she is SO bootiful!! 

*sigh* Now if only she'd spell 'Rumblepurr' my life would be content. 

And don't forget these are the last days of our contest! We're so impressed at the quality of the entries!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Really thankful on a Thursday - Rumbles

I am so lucky to have such great friends out in the world... my BOOOOOOTIFUL friend Maggie from Kruse Kats sent me the best gift EVER!!

Ok, so it wasn't actually for ME, but it made the Rumblemummy really happy (she made that happy human noise. You know the one.)

Mummy had been commenting on things that you can't get in New Zealand, and she mentioned that she missed Kraft Dinner - I mentioned it on Twitter to Maggie and she (and her mummy) sent us some!

MINE!!! All MINE!!!

Snoopervision of all packages 

We're very thankful for the wonderful comments we get on the blog, the kind people we've met and the over-all supportiveness of all the fantastic blogging/tweeting anipals out there, so a big THANK YOU! to you all. You are appreciated. And once again, a big THANKS to Maggie and her mummy - and a big *RUMBLECUDDLE* for you both!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

FOXY Friday - Rumbles and Inigo

Oooo, the best day of the week, FOXY Friday!!! Before we begin, I have to say that we're enjoying reading the story ideas for the Doctor Mew serial! Keep 'em coming! Contest closes on the 26th, and it's a pretty groovy prize...

Today's Friday FOX is none other than the Stealth Kitty herself - Katie, from Glogirly, Tails of a Cat and her Girl

I've always been in awe of Katie. She has this total elegance thing, combined with an old school glamor, combined with this 'Gimme. Now.' vibe that makes my heart just melt!

You can tell, she's the type of girl that if there was a tuna, she'd totally om nom it and not even care if you wanted any!! *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

My kinda girl. My tribute to you Miss Katie, has you a la Marilyn Monroe in 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend'. I even found you a diamond angel fish. (Psst, Miss Katie - RUMBLES are really a girl's best friend... honest...)

And Inigo was complaining, something about me hogging the blog, so I'm letting him have a Friday FOX.

*harumph* It's about time!!

My Friday FOX is the very beautiful Munchkin from Talk With the Paws.

Munchkin is so perfect I couldn't even think of a way to make her photo any better. She just is... lovely. *happy sigh* I'll leave the silly stuff to Rumbles, I'm just gonna look at my pretty Munchkin for a while.

And finally, we both wanted to send out a special FOXY Friday to one very FOXY girl.

This is Maggie the Maine Coon from Kruse Kats. Maggie is pretty new to the blogging world, but she is a very popular girl on Twitter!

If you haven't met the BOOOOOOTIFUL Maggie yet, please visit her blog and say hello!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The final chapter...?

Baby Patches and Doctor Mew ran as fast as they could through the empty streets, fighting past the swirling floof.

As they ran, they began to notice something strange. The walls on both side of the street were covered with 'Missing' posters... for their blogosphere friends!!!

The farther they ran, the more posters they found. The walls were plastered with poster after poster. Baby Patches, normally so brave and strong, felt tears welling up in her lovely eyes.

"Do you think this could be related to the sudden floofing Doctor?!" the Baby gave an anguished cry.

"I do Baby. I pray we are not too late." He tried to reassure her, as they stopped to look at some more of the posters.

At the end of the road was a warehouse, sitting like the eye of the storm. No floof around it, it stood out from everything else like a beacon.

"In here, Baby!" The Doctor rushed in to the most horrible sight of all...

Master Misha was there, standing tall, majestic and powerful. Behind him was a machine. A horrible machine.

A floof removal machine.

It was clear what Master Misha intended to do next. Before him were two of the most floofy cats in the blogosphere, rendered helpless at his feet.

Master Misha had cat-napped all the cats of the world, and was using their floof for his evil plot!!

And now for the contest!!!

There are two prizes.

The grand prize will go to the person that chooses the best/most creative way to save the blogosphere cats from the evil de-floofing machine! You can either publish your answer here, or on your own blog (and post a link to it in the comments to this thread) You don't need to have a blog to enter, and you don't need to be a kitty to enter (woofies and ducks are welcome!), you just need to be creative :)

Second prize will be drawn randomly from everyone that comments on this blog post. So you only need to leave a comment to win.

(Grand prize will be much better than second prize, so please get creative!)

Competition will close on 26th January 2010.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Doctor Mew

The Doctor was an urban legend on Earth, a whispered name when times were tough.

Doctor Mew

He carried no weapons, never a gun or a knife. He didn't need them. All he would carried was one thing - a sonic Da Bird. Highly versatile, it could adapt to do most things and get him into most places.

It was rumored that the Doctor was the last of his race, the last of the Nip Lords. He had traveled alone through time and space, occasionally choosing a special companion to adventure with him. Companions were always smart, always brave and had a spirit that could not be tamed... they were also always very beautiful.

A brave young Turkish Angora cat named Baby Patches was the latest of the companions. She and the Doctor had many a wild adventure together before they returned to her home planet of Earth, and she was very alarmed to see the state it was in.

"Who could have done such a thing Doctor?? And why?" Her gold eyes widened in horror, the Baby tried to see if there was any trace of her strictly platonic friends Henry or Perry. They were nowhere to be seen - the landscape was lost in floof.

"There is only one that is capable of this level of chaos my dear. The Master Misha"

The Master Misha - while it was rumored that the Doctor was the last of the Nip Lords, there was one other. A very powerful, but slightly mad other.

Master Misha had been driven mad at a young age by his lack of floof, and when the planet of the Nip Lords was destroyed, he vowed to put an end to the Doctor and his abundant floof... but if he was now causing the floof, how was he doing it? Where was it coming from?

The adventure continues tomorrow, and will run for a few days. There will be an exciting contest at the end, so please stay tuned and prepare to be at the edge of your towers and boogie mats waiting for the next chapter...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The adventure begins

It started innocently. You'd hardly notice.

In fact houses with pets were used to it - little tufts of floof in the air. Fine and white, floating... catching on  clothes and carpets... you'd hardly notice.

Houses without pets - that's when people started to notice the change. Silky tufts on valour sofas and plush carpets? It was strange.

And when celebrities began finding floof on their Dolce & Gabbana? Then story became news. How could this be happening to the rich and famous?

The paparazzi was delighted at first, shots of a supermodel strutting down the runway covered in unplanned and undesigned fur were fantastic for business! The novelty soon became worry, with everyone covered in the floof, from the barista to the Prime Minister, every day.

It spread faster than could be imagined. Locations all around the world were reporting the infestation, and airlines were forced to shut down as the skies became too dense to navigate.

Two more days and motorists were unable to drive. World leaders declared an International Emergency.

Air conditioners and filter systems were useless. The best anyone could do was shut themselves inside and hope for the best. The whole world was sick with floof.

The world needed a cure.

The world needed...

A Doctor.

The adventure continues tomorrow, and will run for a few days. There will be an exciting contest at the end, so please stay tuned and prepare to be at the edge of your towers waiting for the next chapter...


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

FOXY Friday - Rumbles

I've been thinking... we have Mancat Monday... we need something for da LADIES!!! So... FOXY FRIDAY!!!! What a wonderful way to end the week!!

My first Friday Fox is the BOOTIFUL Miss Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat.

The very buffle Miss Huffle is a true amazon princess, and I know when the humans are not looking she's off in the jungle.

This is how I dream of her:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

RUMBLE teaser

(Rumblemummy is feeling better, thanks to all for your notes yesterday. She's cycling off the evil meds and it's making a big difference.)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not very wordy Wendsday - Rumbles

Mummy has been having a very bad reaction to the medicine the mean doctor gave her, so she hasn't been around so much.

I think she is far too young and tuna-providing too be so sick all the time so I'm giving her regular cat scans to make her better.

Watching you, Rumblemum.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby baby baby... happy birthday Fin! - Inigo

In honor of our friend Fin and her mummy's birthday, some photos of a young Rumbles the first week we met.

He sees me sleeping, and appreciates my greatness by keeping a respectful distance.

 Bask in my big brother wonderfulness.

Such a sound sleep!! He's sliding!

Ohhh, look at that... he's totally sleep slid down onto the sofa! 

Hmmm... Ok, maybe I have noticed him by now... and maybe he's a little bit cute... but he was small then. He grew out of it.

On day one - he's a frootbat!!