Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Ham and I

Sometimes me and the Ham like to hang out together.

La la la. Just minding my business. Washin' my paw
Hmmm, it appears that Hammy doesn't mind me standing
majestically over him
What's that you say? I should give him a POKE? Well... ok...
I mean, you guys do come and leave lovely comments. It's the
least I can do...
"Why NO Hammy. I have NO idea who
just poked you. See how innocent I look?"
My innocent eyes have gotten me out of many the misadventure! heh heh heh...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm BACK and I'm CUTE!

Hello my friends! We've been away for a lonnnnng time... Rumblegrandma was over visiting us, and we were soooo busy being spoiled that we hardly had any time to be online!

We're sad she's gone, me and Hammy were very pampered while she was here. I think the Rumbleparents will have to up their game!

Even though it is summer and VERY warm here, I still love to be tucked in under my favourite blankie. I make Rumblemum keep the fan on me so I don't get too warm.

I'm dreaming of BOOOOTIFUL ladycats!

I bet BOOTIFUL ladycats dream of me?