Sunday, February 23, 2014

Easy like Sunday Rumblepurrs

My friends, it was a lovely summer day today. Hammy and I enjoyed the sun and lounged around. I reclaimed MY chair.

Even though this chair smells of Ham, I claim it as mine

Hammy you can stop hopping around, I'm
not moving!

Le chat - that's ME! 

Somebody peel me some tuna and feed it
to me

Monday, February 3, 2014


Rumbledad had a Superbowl Party this year, and I hosted it! Because the game airs here on a Monday, Rumblemum (who does not care for football one bit!) had to work and that left ME in charge.

There were a great many shenanigans during the day, including that Ham flaunting his tummy and making beggie eyes for snacks! He also managed to steal a rib-bone off of someones plate (he was immediately caught and the bone confiscated, at which point he howled for it! Hammy, you are a cat. Not a woofie. Just sayin'.)

I kept the general order around here, and the house was in tip top shape when Rumblemum got home. I may or may not have flaunted my tummy as well, but what happens at Superbowl stays at Superbowl.

Hard work being me