Friday, May 30, 2014

Sunday Ham

Hello everyone! It's HAMMY!

It's getting SO COLD here. I don't like cold. Well I like one thing about it I guess, I love going under the blankets and snoozing next to the Rumblefolks! And I love the big fuzzy warm blankies that come out... so actually I love two things...

This blankie is soft AND it matches my floofs!
I also love keeping an eye on Rumbles. I'm so happy he hasn't had to go away again.

I see you, Rumbles!
So in summary, I don't entirely hate winter, and I really love Rumbles.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Feeling good!

I'm getting to be more and more like normal, the Rumbleparents are so happy.

Keeping the floofs white is a full time job!

You can see in the photo where they shaved my bootiful floofs - Rumblemum thinks it must be from when they were looking at my heart.

I was chasing Hammy today - Rumblemum was SUPER happy. She's so weird, usually she gets cross when me and the Ham wrestle - but today she was happy. Go figure.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The very best possible news

Not only is my boy home, but he's almost back to himself. Rumbledad just brought him home, and the verdict is that he most likely had a bout of gastro-enteritis that caused the pain and fever. It could be because he's been stressed his immune system is down - he's had this and a bad bout of feline acne - but the x-rays today showed that there is no blockage.

He's not hiding under the bed (like he was yesterday) he's out and confident again. Hammy is happy (but I think a little envious that we're fussing over Rumbles so much - we're making sure to fuss over him as well).

Once again... thank you all so, so much for your support. I know that Rumbles has felt all the love and good wishes you've all sent to him, and he's sending out a BIG RUMBLECUDDLE to you all. I hope you all know how much I've appreciated all the messages and comments and the #pawcircle. Your kindness has been amazing.

~The Rumblemum

Thursday, May 15, 2014

An update from the Rumblemum

Hi all,

It's been a while since we've blogged, I'm sorry we've been so slack.

As those of you on Facebook know,  Rumbles hasn't been well.

Two days ago, I came home from work - Hammy and Rumbles met me at the door as usual. Rumbles was his usual super-loving self. We had lots of scritchies, and Rumbles and Hammy both ate a lot of chicken in addition to having their dinner.

Rumbles didn't come out to greet Rumbledad when he got home, which was odd but not unheard of. I went to give Rumbles his antibiotic (he was on antibiotics for some feline acne) he was under the bed, and wouldn't come out even when I offered treats. I knew that he didn't love having to take this medicine and just assumed that he was avoiding me because of that.

About an hour later, Rumbledad when in to try and give him his antibiotic. By that point it was obvious that Rumbles was in pain. He was cringing away from us, and whimper-mewing.

We gathered him up and took him to the after hours vet. He had a slight fever by this point, and the vet thought he might have a bladder infection or a blockage. She gave him pain relief and we took him home.

At his regular vet the next day he still had a bit of a fever and was obviously in pain. They kept him overnight.

Today they discovered, when they x-rayed him, that his heart was enlarged.

As some of you know, this is what happened with our sweet Inigo. He passed away because of a heart condition.

I was devastated. Absolutely devastated. We took Rumbles to the cardiac specialist who took care of Inigo - she is an amazing doctor and we're so very lucky to have access to her on such short notice.

Thank God, and thank all of you for sending him healing purrs and thoughts... the specialist says that while yes, his heart is enlarged, his valves are ok. She thinks his heart was enlarged because of the stress of his situation. We need to take him back in 6 months to reassess, but for now... it's not that.

So we're sort of back where we started. Rumbles is home with us now, he's very frightened and he's on pain medication but he's alert and seems happy to be home. Hammy is VERY happy to have him home. We're all very happy to have him home. They have given him some pills that will glow when he's x-rayed tomorrow, so they can see if he has a blockage.

Thank you to everyone that has sent us good thoughts. I can't tell you the dark place I went to when I heard he had an enlarged heart - the same as our Inigo. It helped so much to have so many of you purring for him and keeping him in your thoughts.