Friday, June 26, 2015

My anti-diet protest

My friends. I feel like I am melting away. This diet is just SO UNFAIR.

I am not one to take these things sitting down (lying in a sunbeam... maybe. But not sitting down) There is one shelf in the Rumblehouse that I am not supposed to be going up on. Today I took a page out of Greenpeace's book and launched a physical protest!

"Don't be a meanie/Give me some GREENIES"

Just put the tuna in the bowl, and none of these
nick-naks get hurt

Wait... are you actually GOING to put the tuna
in the bowl?

Hush, Hammy. I'm having a protest moment! 
So APPARENTLY this 'is not the most effective way to get what I want'.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My friends. A horrible, horrible thing has happened in the Rumblehouse.

APPARENTLY, some Vet has said that I am too 'portly'. ME? NooooooOooo... I demand to see the Vet credentials!

So for the last week I've been put on a d-i-e-t. It's horrifying! As you can see from these photos I am weak from hunger.

Pleeeeaaase can I have some more noms?

It's just this blanket making me LOOK plump

Really I'm PERFECT size!

I know you can't resist the BOO BOO EYES!


If any of you want to invite a poor, starving mancat to dinner... I would be there with bells on!