Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

*sigh* - Inigo

Rumbles thinks he's going to pounce on me. He gets allll reved up, and roars around the house, then he starts his wigglebum up right before he tries to pounce.

Rumbles thinks he's ever so clever. What he doesn't know?

If I gave him a swat upside the head, he would be SWATTED.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rumblin' round on an easy Sunday

It's getting colder
So I've been working on keeping warm
This pose keeps my toes toasty
And I'm sure working on my fluffy ruff

Friday, April 23, 2010

A little tune from Inigo Xavier Flufflebum

♫ I put a spell on youuuuuuu..... ♫

♫ Because you're minnnnneeee...... ♫

(hear the whole song online, not sung by Mister Flufflebum)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ohhh Rumbles - Inigo

Rumbles was UP on the counter!! As if that isn't bad enough, he was using the bread as a pillow!! (Rumblemum said he was 'loafing' then the humans laughed. I don't get it)

*sigh* No punishment. Of course.

"I lifted my head, no proof I was on the bread!!"

This face? This is the face that gets away with murder.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MANcat Tuesday - Inigo

Rumblemum MISSED my MANcat Monday, so to make it up she's declaring MANcat Tuesday special for me!!

I rule the house from my manly 'Hello Kitty' chair!

You realize I can get floof through these blankies, right?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A mighty hunter am I - Flufflebum

Rumbles likes to hog the Undercover Mousie,  but really it's MY toy.

I'm gonna GET you, little mousie!
Rumbles doesn't get idea of the mouse. It's all about timing and precision. He just floomps down on it so it can't move... where is the sport in that??

Mousie can't see you from this angle
I believe it is a dance we do, Mister Mousie and I. Sometimes I pretend I can't see him, then I POUNCE. Sometimes I try to psych him out face to face.

Fear my glare!
Mousie and I have had some good times. As long as Rumbles doesn't come and interfere of course.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Avast ye! Tis FOXY Friday! - Rumblepurr

ARRRR Maties! Tis a fine FOXY Friday this week, where my bootiful wench is none other than Captain Jonesie from Cory Cat Blog!

I'll walk any plank you want my dear!
Jonesie hasn't been feeling so well, it would be great if you could stop over and purr at her. Maybe she'll even share some of her gold!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new friend - Rumblepurr

I met a really pretty new girl-kitty, she's just started a blog today!

She's got an excellent name - Pumpkinpuddy.

Did I mention she was bootiful? *happy sigh* Every time a bootiful girl-kitty starts a blog, a Rumblepurr smiles... heh heh heh

Here's her blog, stop over and say hello!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BAD Rumblemum...

She is claiming that she's really busy this week with 'work' (which we know is human code for lying in sunbeams and eating tuna in a place other than our home)

She will get moving on the remainder of the Good Kitty Club badges this weekend...

Monday, April 12, 2010

MANcat (vs mousie) Monday! - Rumbles

Rumblemum got us the BEST toy... an undercover mousie! Some of you may have seen Inigo and I playing with it in our videos.

Well, I've discovered how to have the last laugh on that mousie. I pin it under my mighty paws and haHA! That's it for you little toy mouse!!

MY mousie!

Under my paw!
Rumblemum wanted to let you all know, she's starting the badges for the GOOD Kitty Club *snort* What's the point of being GOOD when being naughty gets you all the good stuff??

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The GOOD kitty club! - Inigo

Let the revolution begin! It's time that we good kitty's get recognized!

Who's with me?

Friday, April 9, 2010

FOXY Friday - And all that Jazz(y) - Rumbles and Inigo

We have two BOOTIFUL angels this week, both named Jazzy!


My Jazzy is actually Jazdia... she is such a perfect and BOOTIFUL angel, I picture her like this

Those hearts? All mine, all for Jazzy
Isn't she stunning? She's a Maine Coon, just like me!! I bet we'd have all kinds of fun knocking things over and running around... *happy sigh* If you haven't met her and her brother and son yet you should totally stop over and visit them!


 My pick this week is another angel, and another Jazzy... but this Jazzy is defiantly a different kinda angel! I see her more like a Victoria Secret angel!!

She and her sweet little ducky Daisy Boo are big favorites in our house, they're saucy, bootiful and smart - who could resist???

Who needs Victoria Secret undies when you have
Daisy Boo to cover you?

We bet George is happy to see Miss Daisy Boo featured for our Fox this week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The camera LOVES ME!!! - Rumbles

Mummy was trying to take photos of Inigo *snort* I'm FAR more photogenic, so I tried to show her... (she thinks I'm just butting my nose in to take the spotlight, really I'm just showing my natural flair...)


Bear with her, she's still learning

She really needs to read the manual. Better pictures to come. And maybe one or two of Inigo. 


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A nasty rumor...

We hear tell that the Rumblemum, in a pique of boredom, may have bought a decent camera... and it may be coming in the mail...

Rumblemum + online shopping = danger.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An award for us! - Rumbles and Inigo

We received this wonderful award from our friends, the Cats in Trees. The mood ring award is created by the amazing Katie and each recipient is asked to share about themselves four things that represent the colors of the mood ring: Pink, Blue, Orange and Green.

Pink: Rumblemum and Rumbledad adore my little pink nose. Rumblemum specially loves it when I repeatedly headbonk her with my nose at 4am cause I want cuddles.

Blue:  We get a little sad when we can't find each other, or if one of us has to go out in the carrier without the other. Rumbleparents can't stand to see us blue, so they always book us into the Vet at the same time.

Orange:  Don't tell Inigo... he thinks that he's red? Really he's orange. Shhhh.

Green: Don't tell Rumbles, but sometimes the humans will throw him regular treats while I get Greenies! (om nom) Rumbles is a bit of a treat hog, and I won't eat my treats if he's around (mainly because he STEALS them before I get a chance) so to make sure I get my favorite Greenies, Rumbles will get less yummy treats to keep him occupied.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff about us! Now we're not sure who's gotten this award before, so we're giving it out to anyone that hasn't done it already! And a million thank-yous to Cats in Trees for thinking of us.

Monday, April 5, 2010

MANcat Monday - Rumbles

A good mancat plays to his strengths. I wonder if this amplifier will enhance my RUMBLEPURRs?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easy like Sunday - Rumbles

Woah. Dudes.

I didn't think it was possible, but I'm totally nipped out. I had my bestest Yeowww nip toy (sent by the BOOTIFUL Baby Patches) and I gave it a mega workout. Then I killed my Da Bird, and finished off with my squeaky bunny.

I bet a lot of you look like this after your
easter eggs and hot cross buns!
While I'm on the topic, the Baby Mama has been super sick lately. It would be nice if you could stop by her blog and say hi :)

(Rumblemum is saying try not to notice the chair and carpet covered in floof)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

But what about the GOOD kitties? - Inigo

Rumbles is a member of the 'Naughty kitty club'. For sure, he has earned the right to be in that club, if there is naughtiness to be had, you know that Rumbles is having it.

He sits on Rumbledads' speakers(a BIG no-no). He sits on the counter in the kitchen (I would NEVER dream of doing that)

He pushes things off of shelves, and knocks the mail allllll over the floor.

So how come the humans just laugh at his antics? Even MY daddy allows him to get away with things!

All this time, I've been a good boy. I even tell daddy when Rumbles is being bad. I race over to dad and MEW MEW MEW till he comes and looks at the naughty Rumbles! Do I get praise? Do I get my own club?


I think that we good kitties need to take a stand. We deserve our own club, and we deserve more treats and cuddles.

Who is with me?
Viva la revolution!! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

FOXY Friday - Box fulla bunnies!! - Rumbles

In honor of Easter, I present to you the FOXIEST box of bunnies you will ever see!!

I've heard that the Playboy Bunnies are considered very foxy with the humans, so why should it be any different for us pussycats?

WOAH!!! Delivery for US??

Calle, Halle and Sukki live together in Jacqueline's Cat House... it should be named House of Cute as far as we're concerned!!

Hey Inigo, you think they'll let us into their box if we have
ears too?

I sure hope so, or we're gonna feel a bit silly in these ears...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wasn't me. Don't know nothin'. - Rumbles and Inigo

We have been TOTALLY neglected of late, Rumblemum hasn't updated our blog or let us do any comments!

So maybe (hypothetically) cats that have been so mistreated might have a lot of excess energy.

And maybe (in the hypothetical situation) these cats may be left home alone all day...

This bag may have once contained a new Da Bird
head. And it may have been sealed.

Oh look. A mousie tail. Dunno what happened to
the mousie it was attached to...

The tunnels look much better like this

Oh my, look at all the toys!! Some very smart
kitty must have figured out how to open the jar!

I'm shocked and horrified!

Are you implying I had something to do with this??

A note from Inigo: Heh heh heh. No-one ever suspects the Ragdoll...