Saturday, August 29, 2009

Secrets on a Saturday

We both have nicknames.

It's a terrible thing, to lose control of your name in such a way - we both have fine first AND last names, what do we need nicknames for??

d'Artangan Rumblepurr... it sounds so regal and dashing, oui? So how do we go from that to Junior Jones?? Mummy even has a song about me being Junior Jones!!

And Inigo Xavier Flufflebum! For goodness sake I even have a middle name!! How come I get called 'Fluffyboo' or 'Floof' or (horrors!) 'Boo-puff'!!!

If the humans knew what we called them...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We were tagged by our Kitty Krew buddies to give 7 reasons why we’re awesome, and then tag 7 others to play too...


I am awesome because:

(1) I love to let my mummy cuddle me like I'm a teddy bear in the night. She puts her arm around me and I purr her to sleep

(2) I am very articulate when I chat with my friends online

(3) I play console games and win every time (Go Crash Bandicoot!!)


I am awesome because:

(5) I'm a BIG boy, but I have a little tiny squeaky mew (sounds like 'booooWEEEEE')

(6) I keep the house safe from any rogue treats or toys

(7) I love to cuddle bears

WE are awesome because:

(7) Every single day we make mummy smile

Now to pass along to 7 friends...

Our main ducky, George The Duck
Pretty princess Pandora
The girl that makes d'Artangan RUMBLEPURR, Baby Patches
Poppy Q, who lives close enough for us to cuddle!!!!!
MANcats Eric and Flynn
Theo and Tigsy, who we can't wait to move in next door
Huffle (who we hope explores over our way...)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A vote for Misha is a vote for democracy - Rumblepurr

Misha is such a handsome fella, we need to support him. (Once he takes over the world I'm hoping to be the Minister of BOOTIFUL girl cats... it pays to start sucking up now heh heh heh)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Marvelous MARMALADE man-cat Monday - Rumblepurr

Today is a very special day, because I am featuring my very good marmalade twitter-buddy Morris!!

I am very torn in my friendship with Morris... on one hand he is such a great pal. On the other hand, my mummy REALLY wants to cat-nap him and kiss his head. MY MUMMY!! *pounce* *BUNNYKICK* *MAUL MAUL MAUL*

*ahem* sorry, lost track of where I was for a moment there...

Anyway, here is the man-cat message for the week from one of the most manly cats ever!

"Thank you for asking me to write a bit about myself on your blog! I have written a bit about what is keeping me busy just now. I hope your readers like it :)

My main job at the moment is Kitten Trainer. Not for any kittens in my house - I've made it very clear to Mummy and Mr Lovely that I won't stand for that - but for 3 neighbourhood kittens. I feel that, as a gentlemancat of a Certain Age, it's my responsibility to set an example for them, and show them the Way of the Mancat. It's pretty hard work, I can tell you...

We usually start with a bit of fighting, just as a warm up. A favourite method is the "one on either side of the fence slap-fight" where the aim is to thwack your opponent through the gaps in my garden fence. Extra points are awarded if you can jump on top of the fence and continue the slap-fight from there - balance is everything! For advanced training, we take the fence out of the equation and just concentrate on bare-paw fighting - no claws, of course!

Once we've loosened up, I like to concentrate on the Pounce and Chase. I get the kittens to try and sneak up on me while my back's turned and bat my tail, then I chase them over the fence, down the path, through the hedge and back up the garden. Good aerobic exercise, and it works up an appetite! Sam and Dan Kitten from Next-Door also get extra lessons in Pre-Pounce Stealth, because they get distracted so easily. This involves us being at opposite sides of the garden, hunkering down and staying as still as we can before the sudden pounce. I'm sure they'll get better at it in time, but just now the staying still is beyond them!

The final, and in my opinion the most important lesson is on Looking Adorable and Getting Treats. My star pupil here is Sox, a cat after my own heart. The other 2 kittens just aren't interested in the joy of snacks, but Sox has my mummy wrapped right round his paw, and she even gives him my Greenies! I know what you're thinking - Greenies shouldn't be given away like that! - but I'm just so proud of young Sox for mastering the technique so quickly that I don't mind! Plus mummy always makes sure that I get some too :)

Well, I think that's about all I have to tell you! Being a Kitten Trainer is hard work, but very rewarding. I'm pretty sure that soon Sam, Dan and Sox will be shining examples of Mancatness, and maybe some day they'll be Kitten Trainers themselves!


Morris xxx"

Thanks again Morris, you're a good pal (stay AWAY from my mummy and we're all good!! heehee)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Special things on a Saturday - Inigo

Today we want to say the biggest THANK YOU to the very beautiful Miss Sweet Praline.

We were both SO thrilled to see we got a mention in the social event of the year, the "As the Paw Turns" mini series!!

Of course, Rumbles was hoping that he would make off with the beautiful Miss Praline in the end, but she has FAR more sense than that!! (I'm convinced she has eyes for Ginger Jasper...!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Word on the weird thing (welcome to Wednesday!) - Rumblepurr

And the winner is...

Most of you thought the weird things was a bunny!! Mummy thought it was a cockroach, daddy was going with bunny... mummy is probably not gonna let daddy see that more of you agree with him. *MOL* (special mew-out to Daisy, for guessing 'MOLD on a BUN' - mummy is still giggling)

Thank you to everyone that was concerned about daddy - he hurt his back very badly and had to go get it fixed. Inigo and I were very happy to have him home, even if he couldn't lift us for the cuddles.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weird things (and it isn't quite Wednesday!) - Inigo

Mummy and daddy had to go to the people vet today, daddy has managed to injure himself... while they were there they spotted a very unusual advertisement... mummy thought it was very cute, but she and daddy couldn't agree what it was. They've brought it here to share with the masses, get a final vote.

Monday, August 17, 2009

MANcat Monday - special edition!

Today is a very special mancat - my buddy Tyrone.

Tyrone is a PROFESSIONAL mancat (see the tie?) And he tells us this:

Hi Friends,

I'd like to first thank my pal Rumblepurr for letting me write on his blog. He's one pawsome cat!

Also, I may be noted as a professional cat but I'm not english teacher so I'm sorry in advance if I have poor grammar!!

Being a professional cat does have its perks- I'm always one of the first to turn for advice from other cats and I other executive privileges around the office (ie. home) like constant belly rubs, luxurious ties, fresh water at my calling, and a prime sleeping spot in the living room.

Don't let me fool you though, I also have my fair share of responsibilities. It's definitely a full time job being naughty while the owners are away but I do have some help from my brother Artemis in that department (he doesn't like to wear a tie though).

One of my accomplishments is that I have successfully defeated my owners in the battle of the kitchen countertops. They had some good defensive weapons, scolding, clapping, spray bottles, and even the kitchen sink hose but in the end I won. Now they just shrug their shoulders when they see me relaxing on the counters. But hey- what can I say...can you really say no my "cute as a button" face.? I don't think so!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blurb and keep being naughty (and lookn' sharp will you do it!).

Love, Tyrone

Thank you Tyrone, my mummy says you would get away with ANYTHING if you lived here (she is very taken with your photo)

If you don't already follow Tyrone on twitter, I suggest you start! He is an excellent MANcat.


OMC!!!! -Rumblepurr

Look at what my buddy @CatnamedSinbad made for me!!! I am a KING of KINGS!!!

Thank you my good friend, you are a creative genius. :)


Friday, August 14, 2009

Still FURTHER indignity - Inigo Flufflebum

How many kitties do you see? Look carefully....

I'm not bothered... nope, not at all...

What do you mean "I didn't see you there, Inigo"

REVENGE shall be MINE sayeth the ragdoll...


*grumble grumble grumble my tower grump grumble grumble*

Freezing on a Friday - Inigo Flufflebum

I know that as a Flufflebum I should be warm, but it has been VERY cold of late.

My heater brings me great joy, and here I am making sure that the Flufflebum stays nice and toasty.

A special snuggle to my buddy @Perrythebirman's mummy (and NOT a Rumblepurr mummy-stealing kinda cuddle, this is a NICE cuddle)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

d'Artangan Rumblepurr and the Case of the Missing Springs

Mummy was going to take photos of me today, and the post was going to be for 'Favourite things on a Friday' (she plans ahead sometimes my mummy!)

The plan was to get action shots of me with my most favourite toy, my Spotnip Springs. I LOVE my Springs, they were a gift from my sweet Baby Patches and I treasure them when I'm not pouncing on them.

Mummy couldn't believe that such a small thing could bring me (and brother) so much joy, but these springs are like magic. I carry them in my mouth, throw them in the air, hide them... and herein lies the problem.

Mummy went to look for a spring to take pictures with, but they've dropped into a black hole! (Daddy's socks also live in this hole, never to be found...) How can it be?? No RUMBLEsprings to be found. Mummy did find a whole stash of other toys under various cupboards and the sofa - but of course I don't WANT those toys, I want my springs.

Here is a link to my buddy Misha's blog about my springs. It has a video of me in happier days.

I'm off to continue the search for the springs. Does anyone have a phone number for Nancy Drew? I bet she could help.

(PS - speaking of Misha, please help him win NZ Next Top Cat Model! We have faith he'll be a finalist!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Humans are weird - observation by Rumblepurr

I love water so much, whenever anyone goes into the bathroom I MUST go too, and I will sit on the sink and sing till it is turned on.

Mummy and daddy have learned that they can't leave glasses of water unattended, or it gets my MIGHTY paw in it (and eventually it falls off the counter... unrelated to my MIGHTY paw, naturally...)

Well, mummy has this new thing that she's put into MY sentry point 'Alpha' (aka the bedside table). It is some kind of device with wires and numbers that change. She plugs her POD (she say it is Ipod? Does that make it a Herpod if I talk about it?) into the device, and noise comes out.

So the other day the sound that came out was... WATER!! Running, glorious water!! But it was a trick I tell ya, I nom-ed the pod and not a drop came out. False advertising! A trick! Unkind, very unkind. :(

She better be careful the POD never makes tunafish noises, let me tell you...

Monday, August 10, 2009

MAN cat Monday with Rumbles and Inigo

Inigo:Rumbles is NOT a mancat yet, but he pouts if he isn't included.

For example: the other day mummy and I were on the bed. We were having the cuddles, a nice relaxing snuggle... and we heard a loud 'THUMP' 'THUMP' 'THUMP'.

Rumbles was beside the bed, jumping up and down like he was on a trampoline! He can't stand it when he isn't part of everything.

He's still a pretty good little brother though (don't tell him I said that)


I am the BEST mancat... today I ZOOMED through the house, and pounced on Baby Duck. If Baby Duck could squeak, she would have squeaked at my mighty POUNCE!

I think we should have tuna in honour of Monday.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Secrets on a Saturday - Inigo

As a cat, I have a great many secrets. I'm very selective as to whom I share my secrets with, but since we're all friends here...

I have a baby seal named Thwack who is my very best friend.

Thwack is very small and sweet - he makes the best little squeaking sounds when I bunny-kick him (he likes it, honest!) and likes to be warm. We cuddle in the beanbag by the heater, and if it's really cold out I make sure to push poor little Thwack closer to the heater so he'll be warm.

Thwack enjoys being groomed, so on occasion I'll make sure he's clean by washing his little head.

Brother knows that the only thing in the house that is totally off limits is my little buddy, he doesn't even try. :)

Feel free to share your Saturday secrets here!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Flashback Friday - Inigo and Rumbles

We were both such beautiful babies, and even more handsome man cats...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beware of BeeBear - a lesson from Rumblepurr

Mummy is quite taken with the Beebear.

Beebear is a very clever fella, he knows that if he pretends to be a bumblebee, he'll get all the honey.

Unfortunately for Beebear, part of being a bee is the flying... so for many weeks he has been suspended in the window of the honey shop like this:

You can see from his expression that it isn't very comfortable, and of course there is a danger of falling to his doom.

Well it would seem that he has finally paid his dues - because today Beebear got the honey pot!!!

Ah the joy of a a dream realised!

I'm sure there is a moral in this story... maybe if I pretend to be some kelp, I'll eventually get a tuna fish?

(sounds like too much work for me)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Inigo on further indignities

*sigh* I looked a bit plump in the photos, so mummy was going to make a video of me to show I'm not... and who had to nose his way into my video??

Inigo on indignities

When I heard that I'd be getting a little brother, there was some assumption on my part that I would be TOP CAT in this house.

So tell me... please... how can things like this happen??

Not only did mummy take pictures of the little one on MY tower, she laughed!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009


Mummy took this video of me, attacking my floating clown fishy. She put the quilt down so that I wouldn't hurt my little feet when I jump.

I went totally mad right after the camera stopped. heh heh heh.

Setting the record straight - some thoughts from Rumblepurr

Hello all,

I see my friend Misha has maybe mentioned that I'm a bit of a flirt.

I just want to set the record straight on this, I do NOT just flirt with ANY girl cat... I only EVER flirt with the most beautiful, most stunning girl cats on the planet.

(It is not my fault that every girl cat on the Internet seems to fall into this category!!)

What is a boy to do??

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Daddy feels that I am not as represented as I should be, so here are some photos of me, in happier times when there was sun.

I'm very tired of this winter thing, not enough sun puddles and warm.

Last night I even had to cuddle with brother to keep warm!! I was feeling kind, so I also let him wash my head a little bit. Sometimes he's an ok little brother. When he's not eating my food. Or cuddling my mum.