Saturday, November 9, 2013

My sister!!

So you all know I have a stinky little brother named Hammy.

What you might not know is I also have a BOOTIFUL sister named Cleo!! She lives in the USA, and has some pretty excellent adventures.

This is my lovely sister. Can't you see how much we look alike?

You can see the resemblance around the eyes!

Ok, so Miss Cleo is a woofie... but she's still my sister at heart. She's also trying to raise awareness about how important it is to adopt senior woofies as well as puppies.

Older woofies have even MORE love to give, because they've been practicing things like cuddles and kisses longer than puppies have.

Please can you stop by and wish Miss Cleo a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to celebrate her special day, and if you're on Facebook join the PARTY! There will be prizes and lots of photos of cute anipals!

I've turned off comments for today - if you wouldn't mind stopping by Miss Cleo's blog and wish her a big happy birthday instead please :)