Friday, September 6, 2013

A special boy has gone to the bridge tonight

Dash, a long time friend and fellow New Zealander has passed over to the bridge tonight. The world has lost a very special light.

Dash and Marjorie were always the first to think of others, and have spent countless hours doing kind acts and giving to the community. Their generosity knew no bounds. Online and in real life, Marjorie and Dash have done amazing things for animals all over the world, and brought joy to many.

When we lost our Inigo, Marjorie was there for us. I know that Inigo will be there for Dash tonight to make sure he's not scared.

Please, can you leave a comment on their blog, and think a kind thought for them tonight.  I've turned off comments here.

Fly free sweet Dash. You were taken too soon.